Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 High school graduation rate hits record high of 83.2 percent

2016 High school graduation rate hits record high of 83.2 percent

Seattle Times

High school graduation rate hits record high of 83.2 percent
Originally published October 17, 2016 at 3:12 am Updated October 17, 2016 at 10:25 am

The administration reported significant differences in graduation rates among groups. 
Asian Americans had a 90.2 percent graduation rate, while 
whites were at 87.6 percent, followed by 
Hispanics at 77.8 percent, 
African-Americans at 74.6 percent and 
Native Americans at 71.6 percent.

2016 US High School Graduation Rate
1.00 is same was white -2.00 means twice as bad
1.25 means 25% better.

grad dropout
Asian 90.2 9.8 1.27
White 87.6 12.4 1.00
Hispanic 77.8 22.2 -1.79
AfricanAm 74.6 25.4 -2.05
NativeAm 71.6 28.4 -2.29

All groups dropout rate is about twice rate of whites

Asians have dropout rate about 25% less

Thursday, May 26, 2016

F-105 Thunderchief vs F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

F-105 Thunderchief vs F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

The original YF-17 was a lightweight fighter to counter the poor performance of the massive F-105 Thunderchief in dogfights. Irony:  The Super Hornet is even heavier, similar wing loading. The main difference is nearly twice as much thrust.  If F-105 had a tiny wing unsuited for maneuvering, the Super Hornet wing is just as heavily loaded.

Payload: 14,000 lb     vs 17,750 lb

Super Hornet has wider wings, slightly shorter and less tall.
Length: 64 ft 4.75 in           60 ft 1¼ in
Wingspan: 34 ft 11.25 in     44 ft 8½ in
Height: 19 ft 8 in                16 ft

Wing Loading:    93 lb/ft2    /   : 93 lb/ft²     same

Super Hornet has about same dry thrust with one engine as F-105

Thrust dry             14,300  / 13,000 lbf
Thrust afterburner: 24,500 lb /   44,000 lb
Thrust/Weight:  0.74         /  0.93

Super Hornet is heavier
empty            27,500 lb   /  32,081 lb
combat          35,637     /  47,000 lb
max takeoff   52,546 l   / 65,180 lbs


Super Hornet
Range: 1,275 nmi (2,346 km) clean plus two AIM-9s[21]
Combat radius: 390 nmi (449 mi, 722 km) for interdiction mission[162]

Ferry range    2,210 mi / 2,070 mi    ~same
Max mach  Mach 2.08    Mach 1.8   F-105 over M2, F-18 slightly under M2
Max speed  1,372 mph,   1,190 mph

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2012 President Election Exit Polls By Race

2012 President Election Exit Polls By Race

Economist chart from NY Times data:

The white vote went to Mr. Romney, mostly by wide margins. But Hispanics and Asians moved toward Mr. Obama, continuing their consolidation as Democrats.

Race and  Ethnicity

All statesN.Y.Mass.Calif.N.J.Conn.IowaWis.Nev.N.H.Pa.Va.Fla.Colo.OhioN.C.Ariz.Mo.Ind.
WhiteRomney: 59%495753565151515651576161545768626560
BlackObama: 93%9492969693N.A.9492N.A.939395N.A.9696N.A.9489
HispanicObama: 71%89N.A.72N.A.79N.A.6671N.A.80646075546877N.A.N.A.
AsianObama: 73%N.A.N.A.79N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.50N.A.N.A.66N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MIT Study False Claims CO2 Pollution Causes Health Problems

MIT Study False Claims CO2 Pollution Causes Health Problems

MIT study claims reducing "carbon pollution" will cut health costs. But carbon dioxide is not a pollutant that causes health problems, whether or not it causes climate change. Air pollution, on the other hand, of things other than carbon dioxide (which is produced by breathing) can cause health problems. Air pollution can be caused by power plants and vehicles without emissions controls such as old fashioned wood or coal b urning steam locomotives which spit out smoke and ash, but CO2 is NOT a pollutant in the sense of "dirty" air.

    1. MIT News ‎- 1 day ago
      But just how large are the health benefits of cleaner air in comparison to the costs of reducing carbon emissionsMITresearchers looked at ...

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Aaron Eroni Kumana Saved JFK PT-109 Passes Away August 7, 2014

Aaron Eroni Kumana Saved JFK PT-109 Passes Away August 7, 2014 

    His official website / blog:

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    by Rellysdom. Aaron Malakana - 4 days ago - Aaron (EroniKumana. The surviving ...Aaron Malakana. Grandson of Aaron Kumana ... Aaron Kumana DIED yesturday 7th AUGUST 2014 ...
  2. Reader JFK Solomon Kumana Grandson - Orwell Today

    I am the grandson of Aaron Kumana, one of the 2 who rescued JFK. ... Because without Eroni Kumana, the man who asked that the item be placed on the grave, ...dead by his bedside leaving only Aaron Kumana who was frequently visited.
  3. Solomons war hero who saved JFK honored - USA Today

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    Aug 30, 2007 - Six decades after Aaron Kumana helped rescue young U.S. naval ... its debt to the Solomon Islander, who for years was believed dead and not honored. ...Donald C. Winter presenting Eroni "AaronKumana with the flag from  ...

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      Former US President JF Kennedy's surviving rescuer has died at his home village ... The brave Aaron (EroniKumana was one of the two brave ...

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      Fox News Channel
      Aug 31, 2007 - Now deaf and almost blind, Eroni “Aaron” Kumana, 82, found the ...for a whole week upon hearing of my friend's death,” Kumana told Fairfax.
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      Aug 31, 2007 - PRESIDENTIAL AIDE: Eroni 'AaronKumana is credited with the ...for a whole week upon hearing of my friend's death," Mr Kumana said.
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      Sep 2, 2007 - ... the deaf and now nearly blind, Eroni "AaronKumana, came across a ... a whole week upon hearing of my friend's death," Mr Kumana said.
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