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Susan's e-mails Gives Her Voice: Susan Cox Powell Case

Susan has been missing her voice in her disappearance, but now the Salt Lake Tribune has released her e-mails that show her wondering what happened to the funny, kind guy she fell in love with, and how he had evolved into some kind of monster she was contemplating leaving if he did not change. Unfortunately, we know how this turns out.

I'd like to see these letters and her diary turned into book like the Anne Frank diary which was a story about a different sort of hell on earth.
E-mails Susan Powell wrote to friends

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Jenifer Johnson
As you can see Susan tired to make it work with Josh, but it was not enough. He had to go and kill her and his boys. Real sad.

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Religious Support For George Galloway MP Parliment in 2012

Bradford West by-election, 2012
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The US has Ron Paul, Britain has George Galloway who is a spokesman for Arab, Iranian and Muslim interests
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Bradford West by-election, 2012
United Kingdom

201029 March 2012

George Galloway 2007-02-24.jpg
CandidateGeorge GallowayImran HussainJackie Whiteley
Popular vote18,3418,2012,746

CandidateJeanette SunderlandSonja McNallyDawud Islam
PartyLiberal DemocratUKIPGreen
Popular vote1,5051,085481

MP before election
Marsha Singh
Subsequent MP
George Galloway
The Bradford West by-election was a by-election in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom constituency of Bradford West, which was held on Thursday 29 March 2012. The writ for the by-election was moved and accepted on 6 March 2012. It was unexpectedly[1] won by George Galloway of the Respect Party who beat the Labour Party candidate by a large margin in a result referred to by Galloway as the "Bradford Spring" (by analogy with the Arab Spring).[2] Galloway said the election result was Bradford's "peaceful democratic uprising" version of the riots which swept through England in August 2011.[3]



[edit] Background

On 29 February 2012, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Bradford West, Marsha Singh, announced his intention to resign due to "serious illness".[4] His most recent contribution in the House of Commons came in October 2009.[5] As MPs cannot officially resign from the House of Commons, Singh was appointed to the role of Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, thus disqualifying him from the House.[6]
On 6 March 2012, the writ for a by-election to be held on 29 March was moved by Shadow Chief Whip Rosie Winterton, and accepted later that day.[7] Nominations closed at 4 pm on Wednesday 14 March.[8]

[edit] Candidates

The Statement of Persons Nominated was released by the City of Bradford Council on 15 March.[9]
Former MP George Galloway confirmed on 6 March that he would stand on behalf of Respect, and later that day UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage announced that their candidate was former Green Party council candidate Sonja McNally.[10][11] On 8 March, the Liberal Democrats chose Bradford City councillor Jeanette Sunderland to be their candidate, and the Conservatives chose businesswoman and former Rotherham 2010 general election candidate Jackie Whiteley.[12][13] Labour chose Imran Hussain, the Deputy Leader of Bradford City Council, to be its candidate on 11 March.[14]
On 9 March, the Green Party announced that their candidate would be Dawud Islam,[15] a former Labour councillor and former Green local election candidate.[16] The candidate for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, Alan Hope, has contested seats on fourteen occasions, parliamentary elections and by-elections[17]. Hope used the ballot paper description "Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party" as part of a sponsorship deal. A meeting of the Democratic Nationalists held in Burnley confirmed that Neil Craig was standing for the party as he had done at the 2010 general election.[18]

[edit] Results

ElectionPolitical resultCandidatePartyVotes%±%
Bradford West by-election, 2012
Resignation of Marsha Singh
Turnout: 32,905 (50.0%) -14.9
Respect gain from Labour
Majority: 10,140 (30.9%)
Swing: 36.6[19]% from Lab to Respect
George GallowayRespect18,34155.9+52.8
Imran HussainLabour8,20125.0-20.3
Jackie WhiteleyConservative2,7468.4-22.7
Jeanette SunderlandLiberal Democrat1,5054.6-7.1
Sonja McNallyUKIP1,0853.3+1.3
Dawud IslamGreen4811.5-0.8
Neil CraigDemocratic Nationalists3441.0-0.1
Howling Laud HopeMonster Raving Loony1110.3N/A
Galloway's victory was the first time that the main opposition party has lost a seat in a by-election since the May 2000 Romsey by-election (when the Conservatives lost to the Liberal Democrats).[20] Respect's increase in share of the vote, 52.8%, was the largest in the history of mainland British parliamentary by-elections since the introduction of universal suffrage. It was also the third largest swing in the same time period, after the 1983 Bermondsey by-election and the 1967 Hamilton by-election.[21]

[edit] Campaign

The Labour candidate, Hussain, declared that he would not attend any hustings with other candidates, concentrating instead on meeting the electorate. Several senior Labour politicians, including Ed Miliband, Dennis Skinner, Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, visited the constituency to support his campaign.[22]
Galloway's campaign sought to capitalise on discontent with the local Labour party and tension in the Asian community. He criticised the claimed role of "bradree" (an Urdu word denoting a hierarchical system of clan politics) in the area's local politics, particularly the local Labour party. He said that bradree was responsible for "second- and third-rate politicians particularly but not exclusively from the Labour party being elected to the city council on the basis not of ability, not of ideas, not on records of experience but on whether their father came from the same village as someone else's father 50 or 60 years ago". Naweed Hussain, a campaign manager for the former Labour MP Singh over the previous three general elections, defected and became a campaign manager for Galloway, complaining that Labour had been "bypassing democracy" in the seat. Hussain dismissed claims of nepotism.[22]
The Times correspondent Michael Savage noticed that Galloway referred "heavily to his quasi-Islamic values in his campaign literature. One leaflet[23] proclaimed that 'God KNOWS who is a Muslim and he KNOWS who is not. I, George Galloway, do not drink and never have."[24] Galloway said that the photocopied leaflet in question, which did not, as electoral law requires, include the Respect logo, agent's name or address, had not been produced by him. He did however make similar comments in his campaign rally, saying 'I’m a better Pakistani than he [Mr Hussain] will ever be. God knows who’s a Muslim and who is not. And a man that’s never out of the pub shouldn’t be going around telling people you should vote for him because he’s a Muslim.'[25]
In the same newspaper, the Labour MP Diane Abbott argued that the result was not one of "identity" politics: "If Muslim voters in Bradford West were going to back someone who shared their ethnic identity, they would have voted for the excellent Labour candidate, who happens to be a local Muslim councillor. Furthermore, George won heavily in every ward, including many that were not majority Muslims."[26]

[edit] Aftermath

Respect are standing a total of 12 candidates in the May 2012 local elections in Bradford, although the party had said they would stand candidates in all 30 wards. The Green by-election candidate Dawud Islam defected to Respect on 3 April 2012.[27]

[edit] Past result

ElectionPolitical resultCandidatePartyVotes%±%
General election 2010 [28][29]
New boundaries
Turnout: 40,576 (64.9%) +8.9
Labour hold
Majority: 5,763 (14.2%)
Swing: 2.9% from Con to Lab
Marsha SinghLabour18,40145.3+5.6
Zahid IqbalConservative12,63831.1−0.2
David Hall-MatthewsLiberal Democrat4,73211.7−7.4
Jenny SampsonBNP1,3703.4−3.5
Arshad AliRespect1,2453.1+3.1
David FordGreen9402.3−0.7
Jason SmithUKIP8122.0+2.0
Neil CraigDemocratic Nationalists4381.1+1.1

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