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MFool: A Decade of Apple Visualized


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So not only are the iPhone and iPad off to a stronger start, but their revenue generation capabilities are also more potent and promising than the iPod. It's a good thing Apple won't need to worry about what it would be like without them.
Notable mentionsIn addition to these charts, here are some extra interesting tidbits from the data.
Product Familiy
Cumulative Units Sold
Cumulative Revenue
Cumulative ASP
Macs82 million$112 billion$1,366
iPod336.6 million$57.8 billion$172
iPhone183.1 million$117.1 billion$639
iPad55.3 million$34.5 billion$623
Sources: SEC filings, earnings press releases, Apple investor relations. Cumulative time frame spans from Q1 '02 to Q1 '12.
Rank by cum revenue {my ranking}
IPhone 117
Macs 112
iPod 58
iPad 35

Since the time frame in question spans the entire existence of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, these figures represent lifetime digits for those product families, while Macs obviously go way back. In seven quarters, the iPad has generated 60% of the revenue that the iPod has in more than 10 years.
I'll finish with one last chart of good old revenue, broken down by segment with notable launches over the years. {only at the end of the chart does Apple become #1 technology company, passing HP and IBM}
Sources: SEC filings, earnings press releases, Apple investor relations. Product images from
It's been quite a decade for shareholders, as last quarter's revenue was more than 33 times as large as the same quarter 10 years ago. If the next decade can be even half as good under CEO Tim Cook, then investors have a lot to look forward to, including a trillion-dollarmarket cap.
Apple's market cap isn't the only thing that will reach a trillion; the mobile revolution will, too. Apple is just one way to capitalize on the rise of smartphones and tablets, and The Motley Fool has uncovered another one that's powering the gadgets from the inside. Get the free report now.

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