Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Josh and Steve Powell's Fall Camping Trip in Topaz Mountains

Josh and Steve's Father-Son Topaz Mountains Camping Trip

I was wondering who Josh Powell went camping with, since he obviously never went with Susan or his boys before, and the fact that they were not dressed for the outdoors indicates that Josh and Steve know nothing about camping, thus trolls on boards claiming that they took their kids camping in winter all the time. This would be about September 2009, and Steven told co-workers in November that he would be camping in Utah after november. This had to be planned long in advance before Susan's Dec 6 disappearance, and Steven had to be a big part of this conspiracy, it was not just Josh. Found this in a link from SL Tribune boards which appear to be a battle between Powell family members who are apologists for Josh and everybody else. Is the shallow grave a coincidence ?
In the article below, the resourceful KIRO detectives are going to solve her murder for the WVCPD.
Posted: 8:04 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012

Utah woman says she saw Powell, father in mountains before Susan disappeared

A Utah woman said she saw Josh Powell and his father, Steven, in the mountains three months before Powell’s wife, Susan Cox Powell, was reported missing.She told KTVX-TV they were in the Topaz Mountains and that they were not looking for crystals.   The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said the two were not dressed for the outdoors.
“They were not friendly at all.  It was obvious they had their agenda and everyone else be damned. Their behavior was so out-of-the-ordinary,” she said.
The two were in the same area investigators searched last summer and uncovered a shallow grave.

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