Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pussycat vs Tiger Moms Prefer Lego To AP Calculus

  1. Pussycat vs Tiger Moms Prefer Lego To AP Calculus

  2. The Economist ‎- 6 days ago
    Let's hope this improves his exam grades SQUEEZED between the boutique caf├ęs and posh handbag shops in a Singapore shopping mall, ...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CBS News Typhoon reports

CBS News Typhoon reports

Storm chaser on rescuing typhoon victims: "You don't think about it, you just go"
Josh Morgerman has documented more than 20 storms, and he raced to the Philippines to get as close to the eye of Typhoon Haiyan as possible. Morgerman tells Bill Whitaker the typhoon was "without a doubt" the worst storm he's ever been through.

Red Cross official describes "complete devastation" in Tacloban
Nichola Jones of the International Red Cross tells Scott Pelley there is "100 percent damage" to buildings and shelter in the city of Tacloban following Typhoon Haiyan. Jones says there is not enough food or water, and survivors are being forced to sleep outside or in the shells of buildings that are still standing.