Sunday, July 06, 2008

Obama's Little Asian Sister

Hu's on First 7/6/2008

The Chicago Sun Times featured Barack Obama's little half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng who the Obama campaign hopes will help bring votes from the Asian American community. Her mother is Ann Dunham who grew up in Kansas and later moved to Seattle and Hawaii, but her father was Indonesian businessman Lolo Soetoro. Maya is married to Chinese Canadian Konrad Ng. Though her father was a muslim, she is Buddhist, and she would be the first Asian relation to the first family if Obama is elected.

According to the story, the campaign first downplayed race, and spent much more effort to win over Hispanics, with Hillary appearing by video, Obama by phone, and McCain skipping one Asian faith event. They glossed over that Obama lived in Jakarta with his step father between 1967 and 1971, and grew up in the predominantly Asian state of Hawaii. Soetoro-Ng is nine years younger than Obama, and looked up to him after her mother divorced and moved away from her father. She followed Barack into the same elite Punahaou School that Barack's grandfather got him into. She said that he ''has a lot of affection for Asian cultures". It was noted that Asian American vothers are about 5 percent of the population, but my figures show Asians should be 2 or 3 percent of voters, as 56 percent of Asians favored Democrat John Kerry in 2004.

Is Barack Obama a ... Liar?

Obama's campaign states that he is not, and has never been a Communist, er, Muslim. His campaign even apologized for chasing away muslims at a campaign event who were visible on camera. But Fox's Bonney Kapp interviewed Obama who stated that since her mother was a Christian "so I've always been a Christian, I've never practiced Islam".

Yet according to his own book "Dreams From My Father", he wasn't baptized until 1988. He attended "the Muslim school" where he "made faces during Quranic studies". Worldnet Daily notes a friend Zulfin Adi who says that as friends he went with Obama to play and prayed in a mosque, though "not really seriously". Sister Maya stated they attended Mosque for big communal events, though not every Friday. High school friend Maxine Box remembers that Dunham touted herself as an atheist, not a Christian.

In January 1968, Obama was registered as a Muslim even at Jakarta's Roman Catholic Franciscus Assisi Primary School. Obama's father was buried as a muslim, and all of his Kenyan family were muslim. It's just as significant for America to elect a president of muslim as much as African heritage, yet why would he run away from that?

Wesley Clark says McCain's getting shot down has nothing to do with being a president. Yet George Bush Sr. was shot down in his TBF Avenger, and John F. Kennedy's PT 109 got run over by a destroyer. Thank goodness Obamania still hasn't pulled Obama more than a few points ahead of McCain. At least McCain and his friends don't say anything outrageously stupid every week, or promise the US will hand over Iraq to the insurgency within 16 months of an Obama adminstration.

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