Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan - An AsianAm speaks out

For 9/30/2007

For Freedom

"Impeach Bush! Out of Iraq Now!"

We need more Asians to diversity those aging white war protesters. I've seen more young Asians in uniform proudly back from Iraq than waving for defeat. A generation of Asians properly indoctrinated by elite colleges has forgotten why you'll find a "Little Saigon" and never a "Little Ho Chih Minh City" in many communities. Those anachronistic red and yellow flags defiantly recall a free Saigon, not Jane Fonda's favorite totaltarian regime, infamous for her photos in front of guns aimed at American pilots.

If GW and the Democrats bought into bad intelligence, that's not an impeachable lie. Senator John McCain can tell you what torture is really about after being shot from this his Navy Skyhawk. If the Democrats succeed in pulling out our boys in 90 days, you can bet they'll keep on killing Americans, Africans, Koreans, and whoever else they can blow up instead of giving peace a chance. After the slaughter of WWII, are a few car bombs and IEDs going to send Uncle Sam packing? Bush showed leadership in taking out Afghanistan instead of lobbing a few late missles at empty camps like Hillary's hubbie.

John Wayne's "Green Berets" movie appeared just about when the Tet offensive turned opinion against the war, and the main communist NVA army in tanks took over from guerillas. But George Takei and Jack Soo still look magnificent on AMC cable as ARVN (South Vietnam Army) commandos fighting the Viet Cong. Back then, the VC were targeting every official and every teacher for assasination and bombings, just like our Islamic friends are doing in Iraq. Our forces and allies were being mutilated and beheaded long before Al Jazeera made it fashionable. Do you think the average Iraqi citizen cheers the blowing up of shoppers and shooting random students just to clear their streets of Marines?

"VENT Hot Air TV in Baghdad" on Youtube shows America's fearless Michelle Malkin taking the point by going to Iraq to show us what is really going on. Instead of banning recruiting, Asians should support military careers for the (*gasp*) non-college bound, ROTC and military academies along with Ivy League colleges. At least one young Korean American would have been more positively occupied hunting down insurgents instead of students and faculty. Those who advocate shuttering defence plants should ask why we sent soldiers into battle with tactics and equipment unsuited to the same sort of roadside carnage first encountered by ARVN and American units a generation ago in 'Nam. Why did the Army nearly cancel instead of ramping up production of armoured cars, mine protected trucks, armour and gunshield kits for vulnerable humvees, just like Israel and South Africa have been using for years? Why expensive Strykers instead of dusting off proven Vietnam-era M113s "Gavin" tracked carriers which shrug off small arms fire? For better or worse, we are at war. Let us work to make things better, not worse for freedom. Vent Hot Air in Bagdad For Freedom by Avalon

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