Monday, April 09, 2012

Nissan Puts GT-R into Juke-R, Hybrid Owners Don't Repeat

What happens when you put the guts of a GT-R into a Froggy Juke?

  • And here’s the time we took Nissan’s mighty Juke-R supercar-baiting in Dubai…

    The Nissan Juke-R versus supercars

    My backside is in roughly the spot that you'd usually find a rear passenger's shoes. Which means that from where I'm sitting - head buried behind B-pillar - I can't see the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Merc idling rowdily beside me. Can't see anything much at all, in fact. Except skyscrapers. Hope the other drivers realise my visual predicament. And don't fully realise what they're up against. Angry bursts of revs signal their readiness. I hold three fingers out of the window of Nissan's diddiest SUV. I fold one in, then another...
    But enough of that, because what we have here is a 478bhp Nissan Juke. With paintwork that has the same effect on light as a black hole. I mean, just look at it as it sits there, radiating the cartoonish evil of a Batman baddy. The two-piece rear wing, the carbon-composite bumpers and sills, arch extensions that sit as tightly over the 20-inch wheels as a swimming cap. Amusingly malicious, that's the Juke-R.
    Words: Ollie Marriage
    Photos: Lee Brimble
    This article was first published in the February 2012 issue of Top Gear magazin
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    Car and Driver drove this monstrosity too: DRIVE REVIEW

    Nissan Juke-R

    Riding the frog-faced Godzilla lightning.

    Question: When is a Nissan GT-R not a Nissan GT-R? Answer: When it’s a fat-fendered piece of lunacy with the face of a Nissan Juke. In other words, when it’s a Nissan Juke-R .
    There are currently two Juke-Rs in existence: one is left-hand drive, the other right-hand drive. Both are powered by a modified version of the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V-6 found in the 2011 Nissan GT-R. Both were commissioned by Nissan Europe and built by British motorsports house RML Group. Nissan’s Japanese brass reportedly didn’t know the cars were being assembled until the first construction videos found their way to the internet. Some 2.3 million YouTube views  and a scant 22 weeks later, the world was gifted a 485-hp, two-ton, 5.2-foot-tall monster. Forum fanboys pissed themselves.
    Allow us to blow your mind: Nissan claims the Juke-R will bolt to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.
    Allow us to blow your mind again: We have reason to believe that figure is pessimistic.

  • Yahoo! Autos shared a link.
    Two-thirds of Americans who buy a hybrid vehicle choose a non-hybrid set of wheels when they buy their next car -- and outside of Toyota Prius owners, the share of repeat buyers falls to under 25%, according to a new study by Polk Automotive. Why such shunning? Money -- and growing competition from ...

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