Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Robot finds 120 msv/hr at Fukushima Torus Room #2

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from ex-skf, he notes high radiation in corner, similar to that measured in march. They sent PEOPLE to walk around here back in march. The robot got 168 msv total, don't know how that compares to the people that were sent before.
The robot "Survey Runner" went down to the Reactor 2 Torus Room on April 18, and TEPCO released two photos of two manholes.

From the TEPCO's survey plan, the robot was to cover slightly over 1/3 of the Torus Room, but in the press conference TEPCO's Matsumoto said about 90% of the Room was covered.

Things look almost clean after seeing the mess in other reactors' upper floors. The robot must have taken more photos and probably videos, but for now TEPCO is willing to release only these photos.

From TEPCO's Photos for Press, 4/18/2012:

North S/C [suppression chamber] manhole:

Southeast S/C manhole:

Note the air radiation levels display at the bottom of the photos. At the north manhole, it is 47.4 millisieverts/hour, and at the southeast manhole 61.4 millisieverts/hour. The numbers next to the per-hour radiation level may be the cumulative radiation level sustained by the robot.

In about 30 minutes between when the robot was at the southeast manhole and when it was at the north manhole, the cumulative radiation (if that's what it is) went up from 57 millisieverts to 82.2 millisieverts.
From TEPCO's press conference on April 18,
  • The robot was in the Torus Room for 3 hours, from 10:52AM to 1:51PM.
  • 6 TEPCO workers accompanied the robot, receiving 0.28 millisievert radiation.
  • The robot got 186 millisieverts cumulative radiation in the 3-hour work.
  • 120 millisieverts/hour in the northwest corner.
  • 90% of the Torus Room covered.
  • No discernible leak, damage observed. Clean.
  • Video, audio recorded by the robot, will be released on April 19.

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