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V40 Baby Volvo Jackrabbit Wagon Youtube Video Festival

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The Volvo V40 review got so many hits, I dug up the best Youtube videos:

Quick Video Tour of 2000 model, 19,000 hits, ch
This used car dealer's cannel has logged 77 MILLION hits worth of used cars

"Short Takes" video series at All City Auto, I give a tour of a 2000 Volvo V40. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration (the dash was redesigned for 2001)

Volvo V40 T4 +600hp 160mph

Airstrip accelerating with V40 T4 +600hp...0-900m = 259km/h with Two persons and rainy strip..

see Top Gear test. T4 has 200 bhp, still not anything like a WRX, but faster than the US car.

In the '80s, turbos were the future. That decade saw a succession of superb turbonutter motors from the Audi quattro to the Renault 5 Turbo II, culminating with the too-fast-to-live Group B rally cars.

Mind you, in the '80s New Romantics, Sigue Sigue Sputnik fright wigs and red braces all seemed like the future too. And like those now-gone monsters of fashion, turbocharging became more than a little passé as the '90s came in. Out went big wings and wide arches, and out went the turbo as the bolt-on route to performance. Only it takes a while for such shifts in fashion to reach Sweden, the land where 'Living on a Prayer' is still played on every radio station and the mullet (spiky on top, long at the back) is the haircut to have. Never mind an '80s revival; as far as Volvo is concerned the turbo lives on - which explains why they've now gone and added a Dusty Bin-sized unit to the otherwise deeply sensible two-litre S40 saloon and V40 estate. Enter the T4...

You'd be hard pushed to spot this relic from the turbo age simply by examining its bodywork. All that's been added in the looks department is a set of plastic-wheel-trim-lookalike 16-inch alloys, a rear spoiler, titchy front side splitters and a pair of techno-frenzy reflector headlamps. But you can still spot the T4 from a distance - just look for the clouds of black tyre smoke. That turbocharged two-litre engine squirts out a fairly lunatic 200bhp, and it all goes to the tarmac through the front wheels. Gulp.

To tame the T4's tyre-smoking habit Volvo has added Dynamic Stability Assistance, a traction control system that works by reducing the fuel supply to the engine when a wheel is sensed to be spinning. Only thing is, a button on the centre console lets you turn the DSA off so you can sit there burning rubber until the tyres pop - and even with the DSA turned on, the fronts still squeal like a randy cat when you pull away quickly from a standstill.

However, the T4 isn't a beast in the tradition of all the loopiest old turbo cars. For starters there's little wheel-tugging torque-steer under acceleration, there's no mad induction suck or wastegate chuff (just a dull drone, actually) while unlike old school big-turbo motors there isn't time to boil an egg between putting your foot down and waiting for the turbo to do its stuff.

Instead, the T4 always feels fast, launching like a Saturn rocket, with a whopping 221lb ft of torque available right in the middle of the rev range. This otherwise seamless surge is interrupted only by a gearchange which at times refuses to join in the fun.

Bang it into a corner and the T4 is a reasonable laugh too. Despite being set up to maintain a comfy ride (which it does) the suspension keeps roll in check, while there's bags of grip under most circumstances - except for going in hard on the power in a tight turn, which sees the nose become rather keen to push itself wide. The T4 has meatier steering and stronger grabbing brakes than previous S/V40s; both are significant improvements and have, thankfully, been passed on to lowlier models in the range.

And of course, it being the '90s, even the T4 still has its sensible shoes firmly on - shared with other S/V40s is proven class-leading safety, with a full complement of driver, passenger and SIPS side airbags as standard, along with stacks of interior accommodation front and rear.

But don't let that brief trip to normality divert your attention from the fact that the T4 is as properly quick as the best of those '80s forced-induction beasties - and for close to twenty grand, little this side of a Subaru Impreza Turbo now provides more wallop for your wedge

Volvo V40 T4 0-175 mph in a Standing mile WHOOOOOOAH!

Is this real? Here is a comment:

I sold my 2000 T4 ( Standard ) about 2 months ago and it did
1st - 0 -32 mph
2nd -32 -65 mph
3rd- 65 -95 mph
4th - 95 -130 mph
5th - 130 + 160 +
My T4 we had at 130mph on the autobahn and it was pulling between 4500/ 4700rpm, we wasnt even trying either, so smooth the power delivery, it would have done the clock though for sure, my friends did stock and mine would have ! DONT HATE A VOLVO IF YOUV'E NEVER BEEN IN A GOOD FAST ONE !!
MrMarshy123456 in reply to TheRazjell (Show the comment) 6 days ago

Over 200.000km. But if he keeps driving like that, it won't be seeing another 200K. xD
Awesome performance


Handbrake "movie stunt" stop V40


Rolling a V40 in Poland - When you can't dodge everything

TV crew going back home to Warsaw (road 801) in a Volvo V40, near the town of Dziecinów, was blocked by a green Seat Ibiza which suddenly drove out feeding road 805. To avoid direct hit, the driver changed the driving lane. To avoid another direct hit with a vehicle coming from the opposite site he changed it back. Our car slid, which resulted in a roll, falling to a ditch.
Wojol92 2 years ago


World's Loudest V40 Stereo system

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