Friday, April 27, 2012

Release All Josh Evidence Now, What Plea Deal? Timeline April 27, 2012: Susan Cox Powell Case

First, the Salt Lake tribune was turned down in its request, but it's about time the Cox family made their own request. There is absolutely no reason for West Valley to keep files secret except to protect Steven Powell, since Josh is dead, and there are no sources to hide, and of course, to protect West Valley from lawsuits as it has become increasingly obvious WV had no intention of prosecuting Josh Powell unless complete evidence was handed to them with a ribbon wrapped around it. 

Other news is that Washington State prosecutors have absolutely not taken the notion nor spoken with the Cox family regarding a deal in exchange for telling what happened to Susan. Me, I think they need to investigate Steven Powell as a possible co-conspiracy in the murder, since he falls under Washington jurisdiction, and was probably giving instructions to Josh up to the time of the murder from Washington state. I would tell Steve that he risks being investigated and charged with murder or conspiracy to murder unless he tells all, in which case, he should still be nailed for voyerism. 

First WA authorities gave Josh every benefit of the doubt, and now they realize that was a mistake. Yet they are just as bad as West Valley in completely ignoring any role Steven certainly had in planning, and having direct knowledge of what happened, especially since he as already cited the fifth amendment for refusing to speak on the subject. Steven's elaborate tale of how Susan "probably" ran off to Brazil with another man is, in fact, evidence of his own guilt. He would not concoct such a story only to protect Josh. 

April 27, 2012

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Attorney for Cox family asks for police files in Susan Powell case
Salt Lake Tribune
By melinda Rogers An attorney for the parents of Susan Cox Powell has filed a formal request with both the West Valley City Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in Tacoma, Wash., to review all investigative files related to the ...
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Prosecutors not considering plea deal for Steven Powell
{Why not investigate / charge Steven Powell for murder since so many people suspect he was a co-conspirator??}
Deseret News
The family of missing West Valley mother Susan Cox Powell believes that StevenPowell knows what happened to her. Josh Powell, considered by many the prime suspect in Susan's disappearance, killed himself and the couple's two young sons in February in ...
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Prosecutors are not considering a plea with Steven Powell,...  in exchange for information about what he might know about his missing daughter-in-law,Susan Cox Powell.
"There's been absolutely no discussion of it," Pierce County assistant prosecutor Grant Blinn said one has brought up with his office. He said he has never personally spoken to the Cox family.."Our focus is holding Steven Powell accountable for Pierce County," Blinn said.
Anne Bremner — who represents Susan Powell's parents, Chuck and Judy Cox — has made a public records request of both the West Valley Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff's Office for  "complete copies of any and all investigative files concerning the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell."

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