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Fisker $100,000 Plug-In Hybrid Opens in Bellevue WAS

They just opened up a Fisker dealership in Bellevue WA just down the street from the Microsoft outpost at the Bravern. They say they have delivered 15 which should be driving around Seattle somewhere though I have not spotted any vs the many Leafs and Prius. Tesla has had a showroom in Bell Square for months, but it is a prototype. These cars are ready to deliver (though the one for Consumer Reports died and had to have batteries replace)

For $100,000 you get a car that looks like a 4 door corvette, an interior that is even more striking with lots of stiched leather dash and suede side surfaces and lots of clear lucite, and an awesome graphical user interface dash and info center. 

The idea is that the batteries hold enough juice to get you to work and back, but the gas motor means you can use it for long trips too, unlike the all-electric Leaf which could barely make it to Bothell, Seattle, and back without having to stop off at UW Bothell for a booster charge. 

It hums when turned on so people know it is armed and ready to go. 

Showroom at 8th Ave Bellevue

Solar Roof

Battery under plexiglass console

Amazing color hi-res LCD dash instruments

Brake calipers and wheels

power seats with chrome buttons

Dashboard top is stitched leather, front and sides of console are suede. Looks like art museum piece

Bumper diamonds are speakers, not exhaust. Car hums when turned on so people know it is on. 

Fisker promo:

Electric Luxury And Performance. Plug In Or Fill Up.

Finally, sustainable design without compromise. Introducing the Fisker Karma, the first true electric luxury vehicle with extended range and the freedom to plug in or fill up. With the ability to toggle between the all-electric Stealth Mode or fuel assisted Sport Mode with the simple shift of the paddle, the Karma delivers high impact performance while maintaining a low impact on the environment. The Fisker Karma -- a bold expression of un-compromised responsible luxury


The elegant lines of windswept sand dunes and the muscular grace of a cheetah inspired the design of the Fisker Karma. The design team's inspiration were also led by the understanding of the principles of order, and the harmony of opposing structures, textures and elements.

Interior Materials

The components that form the Karma's interior are as unique as they are essential to continuing Fisker's sustainable and accountable design philosophy. Every Karma produced reflects Fisker's dedication to the use of reclaimed, recycled and reusable materials: Wood trim is sourced from reclaimed lumber, seating foam is fashioned from soy-based bio fiber and the carpet backing is created from recycled post-consumer materials.

The Karma EcoStandard features an interior environment that's tinted a rich shade of black (Black Onyx Monotone) and emulates pure grain leather. The EcoSport's leather comes from the world's first closed-loop leather manufacturing plant. Not only is the leather sourced from farms that abide by the Five Freedoms of Humane Animal Treatment, approximately 85% of the entire hide is used (more than double the amount used by traditional automakers). The Karma EcoChic is the most advanced sustainable trim package available. It features 100% post-industry virgin textile Premium EcoSuede to surround occupants in a lush and sustainable driving environment.

22" Wheels

The Fisker Karma is the first production vehicle to feature 22" Circuit Blade wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires as standard equipment. The wheels are powder-coated to provide an enduring finish and limit harmful VOC emissions in the manufacturing process. The Karma also comes standard with a race-inspired braking system -- featuring large rotors and Brembo™ Monobloc calipers that incorporates regenerative braking in order to capture kinetic energy during deceleration.

Command Center

A simple touch screen interface was designed to manage the premium audio, navigation, iPod™, Bluetooth™ and climate control systems. To reflect Fisker's signature design detail, a chrome bezel surrounds the flat screen glass surface -- perfectly complementing the jewel-like quality of the instrument gauge cluster.

Solar Roof

Featuring the largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle, the Fisker Karma harnesses energy from the sun to extend the driving range for up to an additional 200 miles/322 km annually. Custom designed to be a wonder of both art and engineering, the roof visually conveys the Karma's advanced technology and environmental purpose.

Reclaimed Wood

The Karma's uniquely refined interior wood trim is 100% sustainably sourced from Fallen, Sunken and Rescued Wood™ to ensure that no live growth is ever used. Fallen Wood™ comes from fallen trees in the western United States. Sunken Wood™ has a white oak finish with a beautiful patina, created naturally after resting at the bottom of Lake Michigan for over 300 years. Rescued Wood™ is recovered from trees from wildfires in California.


Every Karma comes standard with Bi-Xenon headlamps and low energy LED lamps throughout the vehicle. The Karma also uses low-voltage LED exterior lighting, including the car's reverse, rear fog and side marker lights to conserve power wherever possible.

Consumer Reports - Had to be towed at first

Owner review - coolest car ever 26 minutes

5300 lbs, tires designed for this car rated for just 15,000 miles

Karma drifts

Jay Leno with Mr. Fisker

David Chao Review

Autocar 89,000

The Fisker Karma is the world's first luxury plug-in hybrid. It gets a 270bhp petrol engine combined with two powerful electric motors, which can propel it to 62mph in 6.3sec and return over 60mpg. Read the review at

11 yr old review

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