Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latinos Live Longer than Blacks .. or Whites with cancer

Seattle Times: 
Latinos live longer with cancer than whites, blacks, study finds
In a study of patients with lung cancer, Latinos had a 15 percent lower risk of dying during the study than the non-Latino white patients. Black patients were slightly more likely to die than non-Latino white patients.
Researchers have called it the "Hispanic paradox": When it comes to breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease, Latino patients in the U.S. survive longer after diagnosis than their non-Latino white and black counterparts — even though studies have found they tend to have fewer resources and less access to care than non-Latino whites.....
 No data on Asians? This is another data point that shows that high income and being white is no guarantee of having best health outcomes. Asians have the longest life expectancy, and usually best health outcomes of all ethnic groups. Mormons are the highest among whites in general. 

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