Sunday, January 21, 2007

Walking On Water?
Christ at the Sea of Galilee, Tintoretto, c. 1575/80.

I saw this hanging in a church, and I noted that while the title is Christ at the Sea of Galilee, that's not really the best title.

What's going on here?

Is Christ walking on water? No, he's on shore.

What else is in the picture?

A boat.

Who is in the boat?

A bunch of guys.

What are the guys doing?

What is ONE guy doing?

He's halfway out of the boat.

Who is he?

He's Peter, who is going to try to walk on water. In the gospel, he loses faith, and sinks into the water. He fails, but at least he is the one who TRIES.

So the real title of the painting should be Peter at the Sea of Galilee.

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