Thursday, June 19, 2008

Randy Dorn for WA Supt Public Instruction

Here is the website
He likes Saxon Math, which is a good start. Anybody is better than Terry "WASL Them Til They Puke" Bergeson

"For 12 years the Superintendent has missed deadlines, spent millions of dollars and still failed to set academic standards. We must ensure that our kids are getting the skills for success. It’s time for a change."~ Randy Dorn

A life long resident of Washington State, Randy Dorn is an experienced educator and dedicated public servant. Randy is committed to creating world-class schools for all of our children.
A former elementary and middle school teacher and high school, Randy understands first-hand the challenges facing our students and teachers.
Randy also knows how to get things done in Olympia. Randy served in the Washington State House of Representatives for seven years where he was a key sponsor of the Education Reform Bill.
As a State Representative, Randy was chair of the K-12 House Education Committee and a Member of the Appropriations Committee. Randy received the President's Award from the Association of Washington State School Principals and the Golden Gavel from the Washington Association of School Administrators.
Randy Dorn assumed his duties as executive director of Public School Employee's of Washington (PSE) in 1999. PSE is the second largest educational employee's organization in Washington State.
Randy and his wife Kay live in Eatonville and have three grown sons. The commitment to education runs deep in Randy's family, one son is a teacher and one is training to become one.
Superintendent Credentials, Washington State University, 1985
M. A. Education Pacific Lutheran University, 1980
B. A. Education, University of Idaho, 1975
Randy Dorn • For Superintendent of Public Instruction
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David Blomstrom said...

So you love union wh*res, eh?

I assume you're aware that Randy Dorn and a union lobbyist tried to persuade the legislature to pass a law that would have swelled retirement pensions by as much as $90,000 a year. How many people would have benefitted from the law? Just two - Randy Dorn and the union lobbyist.

Read "Friends in High Places":

Another interesting fact: Randy Dorn helped create the WASL he now claims to oppose.

Dorn has been endorsed by the corrupt Democratic Party. Nuff said.

Anyone who wants to support a candidate who is NOT corrupt, one who has been attacking union corruption for over a decade, should check out my campaign website at

David Blomstrom
Political Activist & Candidate for SPI
(Stay tuned for my new website exposing union corruption, from the Washington Education Association to the Reamsters.)

Anonymous said...

Good Grief Gertie, WHO IS BLOMSTROM???? Who turned over what rock?

BlArthurHu said...

He's a substitute teacher who's managed to dig up an amazing amount of dirt in Seattle politics and education, much of it valid, but lately some of it has been a bit off the wall. He ran for OSPI a few times too.

Anonymous said...

I have to thank David Blomsrom. I was doing research on who to vote for, ballot in hand.
He helped me decide: Dorn gets my vote.

The diseased vitriol that helped me decide:

1. Randy Dorn has ties to a union lobbyist -
This is great news David, unions make the middle class strong.
2. Endorsed by the corrupt Democratic Party - I'd take corrupt Dems over corrupt Repubs any day. Fact is David, most human endeavors are corrupt.
3. - sigh, what can I say David. Yet another person with a personality disorder entering the arena of politics.