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Canada's Asians Do Much Better, Blacks Held Back by Racism


[If anybody can find the original study, let me know. The link below does not mention specific Asian ethnic groups]

The comments are actually even more interesting. One Canadian feels threatened by advanced Asian immigrants, and wants to keep them out. Another echos the condemnation of racism, while another asks if student not being able to name 5 famous black canadians is really an example of "discrimination". Then another questions if upholding Asians to the top ranks is in itself promoting discrimination. My comment would be that the drumbeat of blaming black lack of progress on "racism" pretty much sums up why they are behind. A professional black woman who career supposedly suffers in comparison with a comparable Asian according to this study, asks what the Asians are doing differently, and I would point out what they are NOT doing is complaining about a lack of Pakistani or Filipino lecturers, or demanding setting up Asia-centric high schools to combat high drop out rates.

Immigrants face growing economic mobility gap MARINA JIM√ČNEZ From
Monday's Globe and Mail October 6, 2008
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"What are South Asian and Chinese immigrants doing that somehow gets
them ahead?”"

(Whites on top replaced by Chinese / Japanese )
"The old vertical mosaic – with whites from Britain and Europe at the
top and visible minorities underneath – is no longer valid. Instead,
second- and third-generation Chinese and Japanese surpass all other
groups of newcomers, including whites, while for blacks and other
groups, there is little or no economic mobility across generations."

"Children of Chinese and South Asian immigrants to Canada do
dramatically better over time than the offspring of blacks, Filipinos
and Latin Americans, new census data reveal......The 2006 census data
show that first-generation white immigrants with university degrees,
aged 25-44, earned $68,036 a year on average – just above the
Canadian-born baseline of $65,000. Those from Japan earned $58,294 and
those from China $55,270, while black immigrants earned $51,317 a
year. The below-average incomes relate to immigrants' language
barriers, lack of Canadian job experience, and difficulties getting
their credentials recognized. The balance shifts, however, with the
second and third generation. The Chinese catapulted ahead, with the
grandchildren of immigrants earning an average of $79,022 a year.
Incomes for South Asians also increased substantially by the third
generation. In contrast, blacks languished, with third-generation
immigrants earning less than newcomers. The incomes of Latin Americans
also fell across the generations."

[The root cause is black lag is racism] "Canada's black
community has struggled with racial stereotyping and
higher-than-average rates of poverty." Cites 40% dropout rate in
Toronto schools forced board to create an afrocentric school.

[here they cite discriminatin against blacks - nobody can name many
black canadians] "Ms. Hines observed that she never encountered
discrimination until she began studying for her master's degree at the
University of Toronto. She was shocked to discover there were no other
black students or lecturers. When the class was asked to write the
names of five black people, many could only come up with Lincolnw
Alexander, Ontario's former lieutenant-governor, and Michael (Pinball)
Clemons of the Toronto Argonauts football team." [Philip McRae from
Vancouver writes: Is this an example of discrimination???]

"The higher education levels among Chinese and South Asians appears to
reflect the values of their parents – middle-class, educated newcomers
who may be underemployed when they arrive, but who expect their
children to advance." [But nobody asked how many South Asians they could name
or complain about a lack of Japanese lecturers, or lack of Asian-centric
high schools]

From the main report:

"money has little to do with this intergenerational tie, indeed if
anything, lower earning immigrant parents have more educated

"The relative decline in the economic status of immigrants,
particularly recent immigrants, has been well documented in Canada"

Summarized data in table form:

Complete pdf report I also very much agree with your ratios approach.

Here's a white nationalist response: Chris E. from Canada writes:
Nature's balance can be influenced by man. Rather than just say that
whites should roll over and die in this century in the face of a
proliferation of migrants, we can do what the people of Europe did
when the Mongols or the Persians or the armies of the Ottomans invaded
- not allow it. Stand up and fight for white civilization. Don't be
ashamed or feel guilty; the adversary will have no pity. There is no
reason for the passing of the white race. Nature has given us the
choice - to live or perish, and she will reward us with destiny.
Reform immigration now.

Here's another "discrimination is at fault" view: Ambrosia Miles from
toronto, Canada writes: There are many factors that contribute to
immigrants' ability to thrive in Canada. Thanks to the previous
posters who rolled out all the stereotypes they asociate with certain
groups' relative success or lack thereof. It is also fact that
students of certain backgrounds, skin colours, etc. tend to be steered
by educators here, from a very young age, towards less academic
pursuits. This type of discrimination is incidious and often not
conscious on the part of teachers/guidance counsellors, etc. Standards
and expectations - and, consequently, support - are different,
therfore, for a young black boy than his white or Chinese conterpart.

Lucas McCain from San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic writes:
So why is it that whenever a black person does not do well it is
always the fault of the vile, evil white man who does everything
possible to keep the black man from succeeding?...Now in spite of the
evil, vile white man, he became one of the great success stories of
our time. His name is Colin Luther Powell.

john may writes: "Attitude and dedication trumps ethnicity every time."

J Kooman writes: I am concern that the article is promoting the
perception of Asian generation X superiority; claims that they are
better education, better networked, financially more successful, and
... (the future of Canada??) That is another form of promotion of

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