Friday, July 17, 2009

Hu for Northshore School Board Election Notes

Some observations

Julia Lacey's people invited me to drop out of the race, but I

Incumbment Sue Buske has filed the "I won't spend any money" form
for the PDC. Julia I'm told file for the full form. I don't intend
to knock myself out for this race, but filed the full just in case.

Lacey's evidently gotten the lion's share of endorsment from democrats, teacher employee and what looks like another professional union or two. That's OK, as the "radical reformer" of the bunch and known conservative I wouldn't expect their endorsements. I don't know who's going to back buske if all the liberals have jumped ship for Lacey.

Talking with parents at the graduation ceremony where my son was
drummer in one of the bands, one parent was impressed that I knew
her son and many of the other students at Bothell high. I ran into
one woman who knew Buske, and sure enough supported her. Another
music parent knew her but had some deep reservations and conceded
I would bend just as far backwards to get the bands to Oregon.

I wandered around the Parade July 4th. Dawn McCready, the maverick
currently on the board was hanging with the scouts, who had some
complaints about access to schools and handing out flyers. I ran into
the guy with the website, and one parent who pulled his kids from the schools because of math. Ran into my bass player friend from Everett Symphony who helps with strings and teaches substitute and state senator Rosemany McAuliffe who I had always told over the years that WASL was bad bad bad, she said "we're improving things". No real negative vibes from anybody, and perhaps a dozen who recognized me as parent or real estate client.

Only Kathy Swanson had a convertible in the parade surrounded by a half-dozen kids and parents with hand-made signs in addition to various city council and Gossett for county council.

Lying mentioned it might be a good idea to promise to stick around for a term before trying for legislature since the current board gets to pick the temporary successor not the guy who quits.

BTW, this covers both snohomish and King County, so any endorsements from either county would be helpful if you have connections in either place.

Primary is Aug 18, just one month away.

I've created a facebook page for the campaign here

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