Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sumner School District adopts Investigations for the new "drill basics" state standards??

Even after the "new" washington standards, we're still fighting this fuzzy math monster now that administrators decided that "no arithmetic" texts like Investigations satisfy the new standards which specified that students still need to learn manual arithmetic in standard methods. Investigations contains NO instruction in traditional arithmetic, and tell teachers to slap kids on the wrist if they catch students using the math that their parents and we learned before "teaching" was eduspeaked to "learning".

Cynthia What do know about Investigations? It's the new elementary curriculum in Sumner School District. I'm less than thrilled with what Ryan brought home today. Maybe a bit better than Mathland. I sure miss the education my children were receiving in their international school in China. Also, why don't we have Singapore Math in our schools? Whats up with that? Anyway, I'm not exactly happy to back in the USA simply because of our education system and well, other reasons too.

me Look up the wikipedia article I did on it. CMP tries to teach math without actually showing you how to do it. Investigations doesn't even want your kid to know how to carry, borrow, or use common denominators. It doesn't even show how to compute an average, but spends weeks on "medians" which used to be college level stats. Homework is every night, takes forever to figure out, forever to do with cutting, pasting, interviewing so the entire family ends up participating in homework, and when you're done, you realize you haven't practiced any math. Not so bad if you're teacher does it all in class. Fortunately Mathland was so bad it is no longer sold, but Investigations keeps on getting re-adopted in its "improved" revision, which I've been told actually has a student textbook but still does not contain or teach anything recognizable as arithmetic. Can I share this on my facebook wall, this is a really good question. Investigations is certainly worse than Everyday Math, which buries "real" math with all kinds of alternative math, but at least touches on what we were taught. White paper claimed 2nd grader who used borrowing got problem wrong, while child who used properties of negative numbers to figure out his own way (what the heck is the kid doing in 2nd grade if he knows negatives?) got it consistently right. Lots of reviews on mathematically correct, all awful. Which district? This is the original awful math program we got in Lake Washington and Bellevue. Bellevue just ditched it for nearly-as-bad Everyday math. Good luck if you have teacher brainwashed to think Investigations is good.

Cynthia Yes, you can post! Sumner School District adopted this because of the new state standards. This is there first year teaching it. Welcome back to America where public education sucks! My son said in China his Chinese teacher taught him the original (old fashonioned) way to compute in a quick and SIMPLE manner... opposite of what I've seen so far on the Investigations paper. If I had a scanner I'd scan it for you.

me that's a howl, considering WTM called for the new standards to precisely get rid of junk like investigations. Anything you could scan would be good to see the latest version. Most of the content such as "if you see a child use traditional methods, slap them on the wrist and make them do it another way" is in the teacher manual. Ask to see the teacher manual, it's a hoot, the teacher should have it in the classroom.