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The Real Story Behind Awlaki's Fort Hood / 9-11 / UnderBomber Jihad

Title: The Real Story Behind Awlaki's  Fort Hood / 9-11 / UnderBomber Jihad

It was back in November 11 after my piece announced that Fort Hood was probably an Al Queda plot managed by "9-11 imam" Anwar al-Awlaki. This was just about the day after the FBI announced there was no link to terrorists, and I pointed out that their top Islamic guy in Yemen is Sheik Zindnani, where pretty much Jihad is the only kind of Islam popular there.

Since then Obama must have signed Awlaki's death warrant for pre-christmas air strike. That was just days before the underbomber sang that he was sent by Awlawki and his friend in Al Queda, even though noone believed him at the time. Yet, even after what we know about Awlaki's likely role in the Christmas airliner bombing,  the official position on Fort Hood from the FBI, Army, homeland security, DOD, and Obama himself is that there's still no terrorism - the closest is an anonoymous statement that it probably was by a white house staffer who told Fox it probably was a terrorist act.

A month ago, when only me and maybe 2 other guys nobody heard of even linked Zindani, he said "I had nothing to do with Awalaki" which means that he probably at least knew what Awlaki was up to.

Also, the Little Rock recruiting office shooter which wasn't covered much in June 2009, turns out the guy has now admitted in Jan 2010 he was acting on behalf of Al Queda in Yemen (where he had just come from, and been visited in Yemen by the FBI) even if his lawyer doesn't even believe him, but the official preliminary investigation was that there was "no link to terrorism"  There were CD's in arabic in his pickup truck, but did anybody check to see if this was another Jihadist with Awlaki sermons on it, since he's the main inspiration for all the Jihadists in US/UK/Canada? It can't be a coincidence that Col Terry Lee told Fox and UK press that Hasan specifically ranted to fellow troops about cheering the Little Rock shooting, and condemning how the suspect was handled.

Funny that Lloyd Woodson case in the "quick check grenade launcher arrest" was almost instantly announced by the FBI NOT to be terror linked, in the same language they cleared Hasan, even though he had a PLO style headdress, a ton of weapons, and evidently links to Islamic groups that nobody is being allowed to make statements about. He even had map of Fort Hood. Very suspicious that the most complete source on the incident that grew quickly sprouted on Wikipedia was rapidly attacked by a AFD (ask for deletion) as too much of a "news story" that was not "notable" and was completely deleted even though it was covered internationally.  There is still NO information released about his religion that could confirm if he was another African American convert to Islam that the FBI according to Stratfor had been told to "back off" from.

Looking back various 9/11 timelines, the Yemen / Saudi Arabia connections are all over the place. The 3 hijackers Awlaki seems to be connected with are all Saudi Arabians from Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.  Nawaf al-Hazmi and his childhood friend Khalid al-Mihdhar were hand picked by bin Laden after fighting for the Bosnian muslims in the Bosnian wars. Turns out before the US backed the Mujahadeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan, they were secretly also backing the Bosnian Muslim. Khalid was ANOTHER ethnic Yemeni. Omar al-Bayoumi who drove the two to San Diego from the LA aiport to Awlaki's mosque was a shady Saudi Arabian agent. The two rented an apartment from a FBI informer that was befriended when the FBI investigated threats against Awalaki's mosque.

Nova's 2009 "The Spy Factory" give a very detailed timeline of how the same NSA that red flagged Nidal Hasan's e-mails to Awlaki first started to monitor bin Laden's satellite phone which went straight to his communications center in Sanaa Yemen. The house was setup so that messages could be relayed over conventional phones across the world from remote Afghanistan. It was connection to bin Laden's procurement agent, Ziyad Khaleel, that got the FBI interested in Awlaki

The CIA prevented the NSA from informing the FBI, who was already on Awlaki's case, that these Al Queda agents were headed to Los Angeles and San Diego for flight training and spiritual prep by Awlaki after coming straight from the January 5 2000 Kuala Lumpur "Al Queda Jihad conference" where plans for the October 2000 USS Cole bombing and Sept 11 attacks were being finalized. As it's treasurer, Awlaki also fell under the FBI investigation of Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani's Yemen-based Charitable Society for Social Welfare in 1999 as a terrorist front.  Zindani has since himself been placed on US, UK and UN terrorism lists despite his protests of innocence.

In February of 2000, Al Awlaki is recorded talking on the telephone four times with hijacker associate Omar al-Bayoumi, but agents are sure he was actually just using the phone to speak with hijackers Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi that were using hiws phone.In March 2000, the NSA catches Nawaf al-Hazmi making a 16 minute phone call to Yemen, likely to bin Laden's communications hub. A 9/11 commission member is later surprised to find out this was never passed on to any other agency. On June 10, 2000, lead hijacker Al-Midhar who bought the Toyota Corolla that will drive to Virginia hands over the keys and pink slip to his pal Nawaf al-Hazmi. He travels to be with his family ... which just happens to be staying at the very same "company-owned housing" in Yemen that the NSA is monitoring as Al Qeuda's worldwide communications hub. It's not obvious that the NSA ever noticed, but looks really, really bad now if nobody at NSA did notice.

Awlaki resigned in the fall of 2000, and travels to "nations unknown". It looks like somebody called him to headquarters in  Saudi Arabia or Yemen. Likely there he was told that he would to the US in January re-assigned from his little mosque in San Diego to the nation's largest  mosque in Virgina. He would replace Mohammed al-Hanooti.  Hanooti was a firebrand who was a spokesman for the Muslim American Society which was the public relations face of the Jihadist Muslim brotherhood, and named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing The Dar al-Hijrah mosque is preferred by Palestineans in northern Virginia. It is owned by a trust o the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which bills itself as describes itself as the largest Muslim organization in North America.

The hijackers eventually move to locations (Al-Midhar returns from Yemen in July) where they rent rooms in New Jersey and Connecticut over 2001 where they evidently make big road trips to worship at Awlaki's mosque in northern Virginia. It is also about this time that Awlaki presides over Hasan's mother's funeral. Hasan's mother was greatly affected as a teen by the 1976 six-day war which was a disaster for the Palestinians, and Hasan says he becomes more devout.

In 2002, the FBI learns that while Awlaki has a US birth certficate, he returned from Yemen as a Yemen citizen and applied for another invalid social security number, and another passport using that number, saying he was born in Yemen (his father was in the United States when he was born) But just as he is arrested at JFK, agents learn that his arrest warrant is canceled as it is found that Awlaki had later fixed his application in 1996 with his original SS number.  Dave Gaouette recently defended the decision to drop the case as there was no current problem with the applications. In August, President Obama appointed Gaouette U.S. Attorney for Colorado. But Ray Fournier, the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent who originally investigated the passport fraud case says he had a solid case that it was fraud at the time, and it should have been used by terrorism officials to have an excuse to ask him about his other terrorism links, even though that's not what the arrest warrant was for. The JDO believes Gaouette was acting under authority of his boss, Bush appointee Troy Eid, an Egyptian Muslim who had spoken about the unfair targeting of Muslims. Eid had the power to call off the dogs, though he didn't have to.

The Jewish Defence Organization has linked Hasan's Ji-hobbyist dinner buddy Duane Reasoner to the website of Revolution Muslim, and possibly Anwar Al-Awlaki's webste. His id on MySpace and Facebook is named after the famous Muslim Sultan Saladin  who won back Jerusalem from the Crusaders. On Youtube, Reasoner subscribes to videos of Al-Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri produced by  the same name "Sahab" who produces al-Qaeda's videos. As user Ooklepookle , on August 1, 2009, he posted the comment, "Ya Abdullah do you have any vids on martyrdom operations or the ruling on them." The user answered, "No I don't but look around online on the Jihadi blogs." On that same day, Hasan purchased his Fort Hood  murder weapon. This put Hasan was in indirect communication with RevolutionMuslim, which was run by converted Jew Yousef al-Khattab. Duane reasoner would be quoted by the BBC as stating nearly straight out of Awlaki's statement that he could not condemn Hasan, that Muslims that worked with christians and Jews would go to hell, and that they were just soldiers on their way to kill Muslims. Amazingly, evidently Reasoner was never questioned by the FBI, and he was never denied access to Fort Hood, where he headed off to escape reporters that wanted to speak with him. According to JDO he has since lost his teaching job and has disappeared from sight. A soldier on ABC news at the mosque stated that Hasan was a soldier who happened to be Muslim, even as the FBI went through the trash there.

What is really amazing is that al-Khattab was covered by a CNN web post just hours BEFORE the shooting along with a now-deleted video.By the time CNN Anderson 360 covered the "kill the infidels" protest, it was part of the coverage of the Fort Hood event, along with coverage of their infamous web posting "An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a preemptive attack. Get Well Soon Major Nidal We Love You" which almost sounds like they were already familiar with Hasan and his plans. It is very, very similar to the only other widely noted congratuations post by Awlaki himelf who also called it a military operation. Could it be possible  that Revolution Muslim was, as is charged by the (also controversial) Jewish Defence Organization, an Al Queda cell in Queens (that was under surveillance by the FBI) and co-conspirators who had enough knowledge of the attack to organize a rally the same day (or day before, CNN did not state when the rally was taped) as the Fort Hood attack? Al-Khattab has since resigned from Revolution Muslim and reportedly has started up his own blog in Morrocco where he no longer celebrates Jihadist attacks such as the underbombing of flight 253.

Within hours before midnight, Col Terry Lee who worked with Hasan was on Fox and painted a pretty complete picture of Hasan's Jihadist leanings. He stated he and others thought Hasan might be a danger and reported Hasan to the Army, but authorities did nothing with the complaints. . Meanwhile Hasan's family in the US and the West Bank (with Yassir Arafat pictures hanging from the wall) seemingly all had pre-planned cover stories as if they had been professionally briefed for the press by the ISNA that Hasan was never political, he was always a patriotic lover of America, he never went to gun clubs,  and he was a victim of islamophopic taunts and vandalism and affected by the PTSD he had to treat, and this would be the narrative adopted by the "it's not terrorism" viewpoints of liberal opinions, and nearly the entire federal government which had also been trained by Islamic organizations like ISNA and CAIR  in the art of Islamically-correct public relations.

In the end, the NSA should be congratulated for consistenly time after time sniffing out the bad guys and at least offering to sent the information to the right place. On the other hand, almost the entire rest of the federal government has pretty much done all it can to either stop the NSA or make sure the leads go nowhere. Instead of connecting the dots, all of the agencies involved from the FBI, Army, DOD, Gates, Napolitano in Homeland Security, Eric Holder and Dept of Justice, all the way up to President Obama appear to have done all they can to erase every dot that's handed to them. Every time a red flag alarm has come up, somebody has hit the snooze button. Even almost the entire mainstream press has joined the "right wing nutcases" at Fox, Worldnet Daily and Newsmax in making the obvious links between Fort Hood, Awlaki, and the underbombing as only the very far Islamically correct muslims and fans at Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post continue to insist that homegrown Islamic terrorism isn't a problem, and that Al Queda is justly upset about Israeli injustice, not Jihad.

It's like the cartoon Invader Zim where only the crazy conspiracy theorist boy is the only one who knows Zim's rantings about destroying the earth means he is dangerous. It's the Monty Python smuggler sketch where the custom's agent ignores every obvious suspicious sign, and then sends the hapless smuggler on his way even AFTER his confession. It's the guard in Hogan's Hero's who insists "I see NOTHINGGGG". Napolitano announced there was no terrorist connection even after the underbomber sung all about how he had been sent by Awlaki and Al Qeda. The DOD Fort Hood report not only does not mention Islam, it doesn't too afraid to even print the muslim name of Nidal Malik Hasan, the suspect.

People like Awalki, bin Laden and the underbomber, we can handle with the NSA, FBI, CIA and military. But that's only IF we don't have people at very, very high levels who are obviously doing everything they can to let these people run around completely free in plain sight as they have. The only way to continue to let Muslims operate freely without discrimination is to be able to figure how to sort out the real "Islam of peace" people like the guy heading Boeing's 747-8 project from the jihadist "peace when Islam rules over all" people.

People hiding out in Yemen and across the world on thousands of Facebook, Youtube and blog profiles have declared war on the entire west. By openly declaring that we will not track, arrest, or send troops  where they are until they call off their fatwa/war, the violence will only continue until one side or the other achieves victory.

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