Monday, August 16, 2010

Vietnam: Not Elephant rifle, Elephant-mounted Recoilless Rifle!

Vietnam: Not Elephant rifle, Elephant-mounted Recoilless Rifle!

We've all heard about Elephant rifles but what about an Elephant-mounted Recoilless Rifle!

I heard this wild story about American special forces behind the lines in Vietnam. Seems that a forward firebase was getting harassing fire from 106mm recoilless rifles, but there weren't any roads for any vehicles that might have been carrying them, but they were moving all over the place between firings. So the special ops team sent to investigate found 2 elephants with 106mm recoilless rifles mounted on their backs which they had trained to aim and fire without freaking out somehow. A recoilless rifle is bazooka-looking thing that sends half of the blast energy backwards so that it has the punch of an anti-tank gun, but the "recoil" force is so low it can be mounted on something a light as a jeep, light tank, or in this case, a large beast. There were also 14 guys keeping them fed and for security. The Americans decided they had enough guys to "take care" of the enemy, reserving two LAWS rockets for each elephant. Now they were on the run for a week or so before they could be airlifted out after the NVA decided to retaliate against them, but they made it out OK. I've not seen anything on the internet remotely resembling this story, but it sounds believable.

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