Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to fix !@#$% Weather Direct USB ERF Gateway Weather station

Picked up a clearance $20 Weather Direct WD-3106UR-B internet weather station at Radio Shack early 2010. It's like the next 3 day weather report on a web page except you don't need to surf on a PC, it's on a little LCD display like a thermometer. It worked fine on one computer, but not the one with AVG on it.

Going to blue box with sun right click "push button" does not reset the gateway display.

Called up the support line, 15 min later they called back and said to go to AVG and turn off link scanner and resident shield features.

Then exit the exit usb-erf-gateway adn restart it.

Until you figure out how to let AVG let this program through firewall, this is how to update daily weather

1. exit gateway

2. open avg user interface

3 tools advance settings

4 disable resident shield link scanner

5 start gateway

6 press hold + button until beeps

2nd beep means the weather is updated

7 enable link scanner and shield

They don't have this information on this website, so I've posted it here.

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