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Phyllis Schlafly Report Slams China as Security and Economic Threat

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Candidates Should Be Talking About China

Before there were Fox News Conservababes like Michelle Malkin to complain about Chinese immigrants, there was Phyllis Schlafly who is still the grand old Battle Axe of conservative politics. I just visited her report from one my education reform/deform friends, and she's got a big one on China. Some of this stuff is very, very strong and a bit overboard on anti-China, anti-immigrant sentiment, but some of it is worrisome nevertheless even to Chinese Americans like myself.

Some of her points:

Communist China is a tremendous national security issue. The only cut Barack Obama is willing to make in federal spending is in our military power, which means he will cede our military superiority to China and other hostile totalitarian nations.

While Obama is shutting down our U.S. space program, China is going full-speed ahead to achieve space dominance along with the ability to deny it to America. Space is essential to the gathering, transmission and use of information necessary to fight and win future wars. Obama has completely shut down our manned space program, making 6,000 of America's best and brightest jobless, while China has made space exploration a priority. Are you willing for the Moon to belong to China?

Stealth Fighter:
This year China unveiled a new, high-tech stealth fighter plane that could pose a significant threat to our air superiority. A Chinese military milestone was passed when China's first aircraft carrier completed its maiden voyage. 

Carrier Killing Missle:
China is deploying a new anti-ship ballistic missile that can sink U.S. aircraft carriers. China is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons to use against our aircraft carriers in any conflict over Taiwan.  [My opinion, I'm less worried about this than the fact they are ramping up their own fleet of carriers, and launching enough ships in quantify and quality that they may well soon be able to do pretty anything they dang well please and the US Navy will be able to do nothing about it if they want to do a Chinese version of what the Imperial Japanese Navy did in WWII]

  • How to you plan to deal with China's massive economic espionage against us? [ She didn't even mention the recent infiltration of a backdoor virus in the Japanese government and defence companies that was sending data back to a server in .... China]

Communist China is a huge jobs issue, [This massive outsourcing of public construction to Chinese contractors with Chinese workers actually does bother me a lot, way beyond how China sent workers to Gold mines and railroads in 1800s] Despite California's 10% unemployment, China will soon finish rebuilding the great San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge damaged in the 1989 earthquake. A Chinese company built the construction machinery and the 12 bridge segments in China and is installing them in California, using 3,000 imported Chinese workers (steel-cutters, welders, engineers, etc.), paid $12 a day, working 7 a.m. till 11 p.m., seven days a week, and sleeping in a company dorm. 

China has already built seven U.S. schools, and has bought a large chunk of real estate in Toledo, Ohio and oil and gas fields in Texas. China has contracts to build a 4,000-room casino in Atlantic City, and to refurbish the Alexander Hamilton bridge over the Harlem River. 

....Targets of Chinese investment in New York include the New York subway system, a Metro-North train platform near Yankee stadium, luxury apartments, and major leases in the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. 

After General Electric's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, closed all G.E.'s U.S. Edison light bulb plants and opened a light bulb plant in China, Barack Obama named Immelt his Jobs Czar. Immelt then announced G.E. will move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Wisconsin to Beijing, where G.E. will invest $2 billion, train 65 engineers, and create six research centers. 

.... The new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial should be stamped "Made in China." It was sculpted in China by a Chinese sculptor out of Chinese granite and assembled in the U.S. by imported Chinese workers. 

Communist China is a big medical issue. More than 80% of the active ingredients for prescription drugs sold in the United States are made in China or India... Several years ago, the Chinese deliberately substituted a cheap fake ingredient in the blood-thinner Heparin. That caused 81 U.S. deaths before it was pulled from use. ...180 drugs ...are in dangerously short supply because of contamination in facilities in China and India. 

Buying Counterfeit Chips from China 
... it's a much bigger problem when the fakes are chips installed in our military weapons. The American people are starting to discover that counterfeit computer components bought from the Chinese are used in our war planes, ships, and communication networks. 

...a confidential Pentagon program issued an alert as long ago as 2005 that fake microchips were causing military equipment malfunctions. 

...Four counterfeit chips were discovered in the flight computer of one of our F-15 fighter jets at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. 

...Informed military observers believe that at least 15% of the spare and replacement chips the Pentagon buys are counterfeits. 

Fake Chinese chips facilitate foreign espionage. The head of cyber security in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI have both admitted that these routers can allow the Chinese to gain access to U.S. secure systems. 

...scavengers working in littered streets sand off the dates and other identification from cast-off circuit boards, put a new coating on the chips, often re-label them as military, sell them in bazaars to never-inspected kitchen-table brokers in the U.S., and the Pentagon buys them because they are cheap

.. the U.S. bought 59,000 counterfeit microchips from China for use in our warships, planes, missile and antimissile systems, but fortunately discovered they were fake in time. 

U.S. Citizenship Should Not Be for Sale

....Outsourcing is not the only way we are losing American jobs to Communist China. The Chinese have figured out how to capture jobs inside the U.S. by using our EB-5 visas (employment-based, fifth priority). ...promoters went to Shanghai in September and made a sales pitch to 50 rich Chinese to invest $500,000 each in this Maryland casino, which seems to offer a profitable return. The sweetest part of the deal, however, is that the investor's entire family will be rewarded with a set of U.S. green cards valid for life, a system called "investment immigration." 

Idaho Governor Butch Otter, backed up by the U.S. and Idaho Departments of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, traveled to China last year to sell the Chinese on the idea of using EB-5 visas to invest in Idaho. Otter is calling the EB-5 visa a "key element" of his effort to attract new foreign investment to Idaho. Idaho residents are not happy about Communist China trying to colonize their state. The multi-billion-dollar Chinese company initiating this project, Sinomach, has also sent delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

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