Friday, March 07, 2008

Barack Obama Family Picture with Indonesian step father Lolo Soetoro

Found this Lolo Soetoro picture, that's Barack Obama's stepfather and his mother in Indonesia. Remember Obama's never been a muslim but his mom married two of them and signed up for catholic school as a muslim and he went to the mosque every once in a while for community events, but he never prayed there.

A picture of Barack Obama (right) with his little-discussed Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetoro, his sister Maya Soetoro, and his mother Ann Dunham.
Chicago Tribune has a great Obama family slide show at
pictures of both his dads and mom.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there was a big article in Newsweek about 3 weeks ago which talked a lot about Lolo and what Barack had learned from him about surviving. As far as Barack's father, he only practiced the Muslim religion for a short time. I am a huge McCain fan, but you should red more and get yoru facts straight, not slanted.

Anonymous said...

President Obama's birth father was NOT a Muslim. He had been a Catholic, converted to Islam, and then left Islam to become a Atheist. And that is what he was when Barak, Jr. was born in 1961 in Hawaii.
His step-father infrequently visited a mosque in Indonesia and was probably not a Muslim.
Regardless, who with a brain cares?

BlArthurHu said...

Barack's father was a non-practicing Muslim. There is no statement that he ever formally gave up the religion, and he gave Barack his own Muslim name. His grandfather converted to Islam. His stepfather went to the Mosque to pray and took Barack with him, where his friends said they at least pretended to pray. His mother and stepfather told the school he was muslim when they recorded his religion. But you look at his wikipedia entry, and you'll find no mention of the religion of any of his fathers or grandfathers, or that he had ever been in a mosque, becuase they might support the theory that his still is a muslim. Nothing wrong with growing up with muslim parents, or religion, but there is something wrong with lying about it.