Sunday, March 23, 2008

Obama's Wright Wing Conspiracy

Hu’s On First 3/23/2008 by Arthur Hu for Asian Week
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Obama’s Wright Wing Conspiracy

America surely remembers “Four score and seven years ago” and “I have a dream”. But the only truly memorable line from Barack Obama’s debacle will be Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America!”. While black support for OJ outraged whites, Obama has united whites and Asians in approval that our next president will continue to worship at a church that deeply believes RICH WHITE PEOPLE HATE POOR BLACK PEOPLE. Oy veh.

The Obama depicted in the Boondocks comic strip did not wear the rage of an oppressed race. But it is only a mask as the real Obama was mentored into the same black liberation theology that drives the other little Al Sharpton and Louis Farakhans in that world. Wright tells us it’s not racist if you have a degree to preach this stuff. Theorist James Cone identified Jesus as black, and recast him to serve black liberation. Dwight Hopkins of the U of Chicago rationalizes that “Damn“ is from the original Hebrew. Methodists and Koreans have evidently been misled to believe that salvation centers around Christ, not oppression, and to love instead of harboring bitterness against Ameri-KKKa or your Asian grocer. At least Obama supporters are above denigrating their fellow Americans they have identified as the “ignorant racist rednecks, creationists, and neocon wackos” at McCain events.

Obama lacks integrity when he condemned Wright’s sermons only after a firestorm after attending a church founded on afro-centrism for 20 years. His fellow-traveling mother evidently had more faith in Marx than Jesus, sending away her son so she could pursue 3rd world development and a PhD thesis. Obama abandoned the faith of his name and two fathers who signed him up for school as Muslim, while claiming to never have been a muslim or prayed for real. He attacks high health costs while his wife got paid $275,000 by a hospital to do little more than community outreach.

Abraham Lincoln would never deliver a sorry speech that equates his grandmother’s innocent fears with inflammatory sermons. Martin Luther King Jr. never justified or defended race preferences. Obama scolded whites for blaming immigrants and welfare mothers. Yet Wright railed against the “rich white people” that Obama was not, even though Obama is as white as his is black, and made a million dollars on his last tax return.

Contrast Obama’s back-pedaling to the faith another man found in the prison that compared Ho Chi Minh to Christ. He wrote in his book “Faith of My Fathers”: “Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself, to a cause, to your principles. No misfortune, no injury, no humiliation can destroy it. This is the faith that my commanders affirmed, that my brothers-in-arms encouraged my allegiance to… It was my father and grandfather’s [both admirals] faith. A filthy, broken man, all I had left of my dignity was the faith of my fathers. It was enough”. Americans will look deeply into the faith of John McCain and Barack Obama, and I believe that Obama will fall short.

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