Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stupid Connected Math Probability problems

2 new stupid Connected Math problems
They predicatably waste an entire booklet on probability.
One exercise is to run an experiment to see how many times a paper cup will land on it's side and compute the probability. Do you know what the correct answer is? There isn't one! At least a cone does have an expected probability. This is a subject for experimental science. Math is not an experimental science, certainly not in 6th grade.
Another exericise introduces alleles in probability, and uses tree to show how to compute gene outcomes. I didn't even go into this detail in 9th grade Biology for pete's sake. Another ridiculous "real world" example that is utterly useless.
Then there's "tell what the possible outcomes are and compute the likelyhood of each". What's the example?
- Stealing 2nd base.
In elementary school, 1/3 of kids don't even know enough about baseball to know what stealing a base is. Core Plus also expects kids to have an adult knowledge of sports, sports stars and sports rules. Of course, they have no instruction in baseball. And of course, there is no correct answer. I told my kid to write there isn't a correct answer. I asked my kid what the teacher said the right answer was, and he says she said there wasn't one. ARGH.
Arthur Angry Dad Hu.

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