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Little Polygamist Compound On the Prairie

Apr 24, 2008

as posted on Asian Week
Convicted sex criminal Warren Jeffs builds a walled concentration camp to house his brainwashed welfare abusing harems with 30 to 50 kids per dad. A teen calls former victim Flora Jessop’s who helps runaway brides like they used to rescue slave girls from Chinatown. Most likely, it was a crank caller painting the sect as racists, but Jessup salutes her for feeding state authorities stories of beatings, continuous abuse, and underage marriage so the cops could bust them and whisk an elementary school full of kids to safety.But if it’s the parents who committed the crime, why not lock them up too? Just turn the ranch into a Manzanar for polygamists. It can’t be as bad when the Australians “stolen generation” removed 100,000 aborigine children for child protection. The Canadians would love to raid their own Bountiful, but the legal age there is 14 and their polygamy ban might not even be constitutional.

Oliver Twist never changed the sign at his orphanage from “welcome guest” to “prisoners”. The Japanese intern kids brought clothes and parents. Do the kids think they needed to be rescued from their monster moms? 1 out of every 11 foster children in Florida faces abuse. Nationally it is the African-Americans who suffer most as two thirds of the foster care population, Asians are a mere one percent. The abuse starts as early as 6 months as they are deprived of toys, Bratz, McDonalds, SpongeBob, and Grand Theft Auto. They do housework by 5, and if they marry kids at 13, every mom who looked the other way was a dangerous child abuser.

Seattle’s tiny Lauria Grace in 1995 was returned to and murdered by her drug addicted mother because her caseworker judged exposure to middle class values was culturally inappropriate. CPS regularly gets blamed when parents beat their infants to death trying to get them to stop crying. In America you can have girls gone wild, moms and girls dressed as ho’s, free love, prostitution, abortion, two dads, orgies, two moms, two teens, acts with horses, arranged marriage, and NAMBLA, but not one dad and three moms. Justice William Brennan stated that privacy disallowed “governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision to bear a child.”. Right.

Tidy bunks, organic bread, and fulltime mothers certainly looks better than CMT’s redneck trailer home makeover where the boys slept on the couch after a Chef Boyardee supper. Their parents don’t work too many hours at the dry cleaners while their boys grew up into the Virginia Tech killer or copycat. They probably get excellent test scores without “Crazy Asian Mothers who see B+”.

Barack Obama senior didn’t divorce before he married the senator’s mother. Asians used to do polygamy, and the Hmong are still hounded by authorities for marrying off teens. Most Asians don’t care what happens to a few hundred crazy white folks, but this Asian American feels very sick.

From their own website:
Recent Events:Devestated and confused by CPS and state auth04/24/2008 11:00 AMMothers who have been separated from their children, (all those with children two years and older) are loaded on buses. Some go to the Ranch, some to a women’s shelter in San Antonio, and some in San Angelo. While on the bus they throw open the dark-tinted windows and cry out for help. Writing SOS signs, the mothers hold them out the window pleading for help. CPS workers tell the FLDS ladies that if they choose to go to the women’s shelter, they (the mothers) will have a much better chance of seeing their children. The majority of the mothers choose to go to the shelter. CPS workers and policemen swarm the area. Questions asked CPS workers have varying answers, depending on which worker is asked. Mothers contact their lawyers and leave the shelter.——————————————————————————–
Mothers and children are torn apart by CPS an04/24/2008 9:00 AMAt 9:00 CPS workers, state troopers, etc. swarm the Coliseum. Mothers and children are ordered to take their last bite of breakfast and be ready to go. Some mothers have barely dressed their babies and haven’t eaten at all. Mothers are called. Policemen and CPS workers are assigned to each mother, and began to take the children away. The whole Coliseum echoes with the cries of heart-broken children, and mothers. The CPS workers and state troopers physically peel the children off the mothers and force them apart. The building is in an uproar! Some policemen are weeping. Attorneys are turned away at the gate. “Are attorneys allowed to see their clients?” a guardian ad litem shouted to a Texas Ranger. “No!” the official shouts back. As the bus leaves with a group of mothers the mothers throw open the windows and call out for help. Writing SOS signs the mothers hold them out the windows. Any child over 12 months has been physically forced away from their mother.
–awarthurhu on Apr 25, 2008awarthurhu

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Too often, foster care is used to force mainstream middle-class American values on any family who can’t afford a good lawyer. It’s pretty easy to detect the racism- most potential adoptive parents want a white baby or toddler, so CPS can be pretty creative when coming up with reasons to seize them, especially if their parents are low-income and can’t afford to put up a good fight. African-American children get seized disproportionately because they’re more likely to be living in poverty and it’s less likely that some extended family member with money will step in when push comes to shove. Asians don’t have to worry- statistically, they’re likely to be able to afford to hire a lawyer or have a family member who can, and families who want to adopt Asian babies go to Asia. (It costs more, but you avoid dealing with CPS.) The system has different rules based on race, socio-economic status, and level of conformity to “normal” American values. It’s been going on for a long time, it just took this big of a case to get people’s attention.
–Nell on Apr 25, 2008Nell
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Oh wow. I heard about the “white slavery” charge about the brides before, but this is the first time anywhere I’ve heard about the excuse to get more white babies for adoption theory. Do us all a favor and post this same comment on other websites with stories about the polygamy kids. This particular community sounds like it has too many problems to be sustainable, but I caught in another story about questions that under the judge’s rules of engagement, no one in this community has any right to keep any of their children. As soon as the babies pop out of the pregnant girls, they will go straight to CPS. And I thought that stuff in 1984, Brave New World and the Giver would never happen.
–awarthurhu on Apr 26, 2008

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