Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time for Obama to Bail Out / Quit

Time for Obama to Bail out?

Hillary doesn't have to catch up to Obama, she just has to remain standing when Obama melts down. He's taken hits and is going down. Obamanator's true nature is showing through the battle damage. Howard Dean says one of the two has to bail out, and even Slate joked Obama should bow out first. Obama can't close the deal with a working class that doesn't practice ballot booth affirmative action. Hillary got the crucial Catholic vote and big battleground states who will determine the final race. The polls show Republican rooting may have not only pushed her ahead of Obama, but McCain as well. When Nash and Takaki are still defending a black Jesus and why his grandma was a racist, they just don't get it.

America has just about had it with Mr. "I have never been a Muslim", "I am not a racist", "I am not a liberal", "I am not an elitist", "I do not hate America" Obama. Obama has already racked up as many scandals as two terms of the Clintons, and single-handedly rescued the GOP from certain defeat. When it's ABC News asking about hanging out with people who bomb federal buildings and equate Bush/Cheney with Al Queda, and not the conservative columnists, it's all over. If Obama does not bow out soon, it will get ugly if they have to take the nomination away from him.

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