Monday, May 05, 2008

Obama Downhill Since "Proud to Be Americans"

in response to Asian Week's Emil Amok disintegration of Obama

He’s been running downhill ever since “Proud to be americans”. Now he shows if you punch him in the nose, he bleeds. He’s got nearly as many Democrats who hate him as Republicans who hate McCain, and he’s got Republicans hating Obama more than Hillary, which is difficult to do. Honestly, I have more respect for Wright, at least he’s got the integrity to tell you exactly what he believes, and stick to it. He does not try to have it both ways like Obama, and drop something the moment it becomes obvious it’s going to poison his campaign. Wright didn’t like being dragged through the mud because of his protege’s campaign, and was only returning the favor. Somebody, American may well elect somebody like Wright, Sharpton or Farakkhan, and after all, from his point of view, everything he said was completely consistent with Black Liberation Theology, which as far as anybody can tell, is stil the basis for Obama’s faith. Maybe Phil T.N. thinks it’s entirely appropriate to have a president whose faith was founded in Cone’s book which claims that christianity must serve black people, but “bitter” America won’t buy it. Unfortunately, die hard democrats are still pushing for Obama, who looks like the sure winner, assuming he’s still swimming after the press, who have now smelled the blood in the water, is finished with him and his ex-pastor, and whatever else gets dug up in the next 3 months.

I shouldn’t say I Told You So, but here’s my complete Obama sequence. I was the first guy to mention Obama had some problems.

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–awarthurhu on May 05, 2008