Sunday, May 11, 2008

Free the Texas 463 (Strikeout) 464!

All you civil rights organizations, where were you when Texas destroyed a community of nearly 1000 by “liberating” 463 (464 with the newborn) healthy well-behaved children to Child Protective Services with a history of abuse scandals? The Texas comptroller found up to 28% of children under foster care suffered abuse in Texas and other cities. 48 children died under the care of CPS in 2005, which means 5 of those children may die under watch of CPS over 10 years. One infant was already hospitalized, while chickenpox quickly spread under refugee camp conditions. Bones were broken while kids were rounded up the authorities, then the witch hunters used it to claim even more abuses.

This is a civil rights violation of biblical proportions. Neither King Herod nor the Japanese wartime internment broke up families like this. Only the Australians snatching of an entire generation of aborigine children from their parents was worse. The girls and toddlers were sobbing "Mommy don't let them take me away, I want to stay". The homesick kids shook their heads when reporters asked if they were happy, they crossed out “Welcome Guests” and wrote in “prisoners” Did anybody think that seizing kids with armed troops and putting them into a refugee camp / orphanage might be an abusive, violent and frightening situation? The Houston Chronicle reported that mental health workers blasted CPS for traumatizing children and what appeared to be good mothers, many were dismissed for being “too compassionate”. Instead of finding and arresting guilty abusers, they arrested the kids.

Contrast the pictures of happy campers at to the state’s total blackout of pictures and video. All of Short Creek, Arizona with 263 children was arrested for 2 years in 1953 before charges were dropped. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff stated it was wrong to take away every 6-month-old girl or boy because they MIGHT grow up to be a child bride or husband 12 or 30 years from now. When CPS originally intended to permanently remove every child and got the judge to rule this religion is unfit to raise children, what’s the point of respecting religious rules regarding fresh food, the color red, clothing and TV?

An invalid search warrant was based on a call traced to a known crank caller, a community of 700 is called “one household”, imminent harm is declared based on seeing a few regnant teens and asking 8 yr olds about heir beliefs, yet they still haven’t found even one slam-dunk violation of the law. The ACLU says "exposure to a religion's beliefs may not constitutionally be labeled abuse." Ronald L. Trowbridge states "they should be returned with reasonable haste.” If the United Nations was run like Texas, they would be tracking down and removing children of every Hmong, Africans and Asians who have ever arranged marriages, performed female circumcision or allow high rates of teen pregnancy. If I were judge, I’d send that fraud Rozita Swinton and the CPS people to jail and get the FDLS mothers to clean up the CPS. This conservative may be the first, but shouldn’t be the only Asian American who has condemned this atrocity and called for releasing the children.

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