Friday, August 21, 2009

notes computer building directory ACJ Technology Solutions

Have you seen the new building directory kiosk at Bellevue Square?


It's done by ACJ Technology Solutions but their website has no description or pictures of the installation, so I'm posting the phone pics I snapped. It doesn't replace the big directory, but is placed to the side, with a touch screen. You can search for a store, and it will show you where it is in your current building, or if it's across the street (the Bellevue Collection covers 3 malls across the street from each other) it will also give you an animated dotted line that tells you how to get across buildings. 


They're in Bothell at 22833 Bothell Everett Highway PWB 1319 Suite 110 Bothell, WA 98021



Here it is, the screen is put to the side of the big conventional map.


Here's the corner bug that let me figure out who these guys are. They also installed the free wifi (yes, they have free wifi, I never knew that is was there)




Here's the top search menu 




Here's showing a list






Note animated dotted line path showing how to get there from "you are here"



It also shows how to get to a store in another building across the street




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