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The Fort Hood Shootings Have Al Qeda ...

The Fort Hood Shootings Have Al Qeda Written All Over It

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"Nidal has killed soldiers who were about to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to kill Muslims" Anwar al-Awlaki "Nidal Hasan Did The Right Thing"
They were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims. I honestly have no pity for them." Duane Reasoner, mentored by Nidal Malik Hasan [The First Post (UK),news-comment,news-politics,no-pity-for-fort-hood-dead-says-killer-nidal-malik-hasan-young-friend No pity for Fort Hood dead, says killer’s friend by Jack Bremer NOVEMBER 10, 2009 Interview by Gavin Lee of the BBC]

When the first reports came out of a terrible shooting at Fort Hood, there was no hints of who might have committed such an act. Then a television station reported that a woman called her parents saying “we’ve been attacked by terrorists” and she heard the shooter cry “Allah Akbar”, which has become known in America as the signature war cry of the 9/11 hijackers. When they finally announced Nidal Malik Hasan, a lot of people instantly knew that it could  explain a lot of things. If you'd believe his family who lives "near Jersalem", he's a nice all-American boy who wouldn't harm anybody and never said anything radical or bad about America that was picked on for being a Muslim.

Clearly the government was concerned about Muslim connections when Obama to asked America not to  “ jump to conclusions”. Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano vowed to stamp out the imminent threat of  Islamaphobia, while General George Casey bravely stated “as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse”. It’s bad enough FBI officials still state the “motivation has not been determined” but the booby prize has to go to Max Fisher who wrote on the Atlantic “Why Home-Grown Islamic Terrorism Isn't A Threat”.

There’s no need to immediately expel or investigate all Muslims in the military, but what’s with all the op ed pieces that point the blame on Post Traumatic Stress disorder while either leaving out or condemning any mention of Islamic terrorism? We don’t need to get rid of all Muslims, just the ones that think they are on a mission to kill people. The whole problem with the Japanese internment is that it didn’t stop any real bad guys like the embassy officer who flew around Pearl Harbor taking pictures. Surely Virginia Tech’s Seung-Hui Cho, Oklahoma City bombers  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, and anti-abortion activist  Scott Roeder acted didn’t need a Quran, but that hardly proves this wasn’t the case with Hasan.

It would seem that we need absolute proof that Hasan was directed or influenced by an affiliate of Al-Qeda to kill soldiers justified by radical Islamic beliefs. Then we could call it an act of Islamic Terrorism. “Blind” Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman issued a fatwah, but it was his followers who blew out if not toppled the the World Trade Towers based on his Rahman's instructions and religious justifications. Now its is Rahman who is serving a life term for issuing those general instructions. [ 7, 2003 Yemeni Sheikh of Hate Cultivating jihad by Josh Devon] Now if we know that Hasan had been convinced by his spiritual leader to put god first, and that god wanted all good Muslims to kill soldiers, how is that any different?


Though Hasan is a native born American, both of Hasan’s  parents are from the same Palestine (as in PLO) which has served as poster child to those with grievances against Israel. His mother was traumatized by her experience in the 1967 Six-Day war as Israel  captured the ”occupied territories” when she was 15. Hasan’s family still owns land “near Jerusalem” in Ramallah, which is in the West Bank, and the capital of the Palestinian National Authority.  While his family states that his parents opposed Hasan's joining the Army, it is entirely possible they could have set up his meeting with Awlawki on his path to Jihad.

Hasan wasn’t just any muslim, he was considered a devout radical even by friends in his own mosque and fellow muslim soldiers. His favorite flavor of Islam was that of his personal spirtual mentor  Anwar al-Awlaki, who is widely considered to be the leading English language clearance house for iihadist publications from al Queda, and author/translator of the virtual “lone wolf jihadist bible”.  Unlike most of Awlaki’s internet fans, Hasan was an in-person follower at one of Awlawki’s mosques, where the FBI also notes that 3 of the 9/11 hijackers had “developed close relations” and may have had “closed door meetings” with the imam. By continuing to seek out Awlawki in Yemen, Hasan stumbled over a national security trip wire because Awlakwki was on FBI terrorism radar even before 9/11, and he was still deemed worth gathering signals on by US intelligence agencies. The FBI first conducted a counterterrorism inquiry after he was visited by Ziyad Khaleel who helped buy bin Laden’s satellite phone. The FBI also belives Awlawki has contacts with the Holy Land Foundation and others raising money for Hamas, but there was not enough evidence for criminal charges.

Hasan’s 10-20 e-mails worth of “spiritual guidance” starting in December 2008 were handed over to a joint FBI / Defence Department terrorism task force. But investigators promptly hit the snooze button when they didn’t see anything that wouldn’t be at home in a research paper about “Islamic Jihad in the US Army”. [“Imam From Va. Mosque Now Thought to Have Aided Al-Qaeda” By Susan Schmidt Washington Post February 27, 2008 source told the London Telegraph that they decided to keep in in place and monitor him. It was hoped that his contact with Awlawki would lead them to a “big fish”, though they could have known Awlawki was already a pretty big fish.

London Telegraph Fort Hood massacre: Gunman linked to al-Qaeda as he awakes from coma Nick Allen Nov 9, 2009]

The National Security Agency couldn’t find anything over Bin Laden’s satellite phone either until they figured out the code phrases for terrorist acts.[PBS: Nova The Spy Factory] But there are no hidden messages when Awlawki has called for the faithful in clear text  to serve Allah by killing US soldiers. In case there can be any question if he was just kidding, Awlawki’s website announced that Hasan was “a hero” and declared “The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason”. It isn’t hard to guess what kind of spiritual guidance went into the powerpoint slide that warned of “adverse events” if Muslim soldiers were called upon to fight in Afghanistan. At the moment, authorities have been searching for Awlawki who has disappeared for eight months after having been released from prison. The government’s counterterrorism sweeps have killed many al Qaeda fugitives, and detained hundreds of suspects, possibly provoking the Yemen US Embassy bombing in 2008. Now Awlawki is thought to be hiding out in remote mountains in the “triangle of evil” far away from government control,  so named because it has become a refuge for al Queda fighters, even issuing internet calls to “Come to Yemen” to those  fleeing crackdowns in Yemen and other nations.

The FBI probably didn't think much that Hasan’s favorite imam was also a visiting professor at Yemen’s Iman University.  Sure, they've claimed to have cured 20 cases of AIDS completely, this Institute of Terrorist Technology is runs the ROTC version of the training camps that were shut down in Afgahnistan.  Among its notable alumni are people thought to be responsible for killing three American missionaries, the second in charge of the Yemeni Socialist Party, and  John “Jihad” Walker Lindh who is prison for being picked up as part of the Taliban army.

Now, the president who founded this  fine institution of higher learning  in 1995 is none other than Awlawki’s former boss,  the red-bearded Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani. This fellow has managed to get himself on the  al Queda / terrorist / banned lists of no less than the US Treasury Department, United Nations and the United Kindom. Zindani is still wanted for questioning by the FBI over the attack on USS Cole in Yemen which killed 17 and injured 39. In the good old days when the United States backed the Mujahdeen against the Soviets, Zindani was a recruiter for fighters who fought alongside and was one of Bin Laden’s most trusted “spiritual advisors”.  He  later helped raise funds and recruit volunteers for the Bin Laden organization. While Kevin Bacon might be only six degrees away from everybody,  Hasan was only two connections away from Bin Laden through Awlawki and Zindani. Now a prominent businessman and leader of the most radical wing of the Islamic reform party, back in the early 2000s, Awlawki was Vice President for Zindani’s Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) which the FBI called  “front organization to funnel money to terrorists”, and has ties to the Islamic Cultural Institute in Milan, Italy which is a center for al-Qaeda in Europe.[ [Burr and Collins, 2006, pp. 243; Washington Post, 2/27/2008] Zindani’s office is the contact for the Ansar al-Sunna group that took credit for the explosion at an American base in Mosul, Iraq that killed 22. [ Yemen: Al Qaeda in Broad Daylight Jane Novak May 28, 2005] Military commander Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar is Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh’s half-brother who recruited mujaheddin fighters for Bin Laden who established establish training camps in Yemen [World Press]. The US Justice Department believes Zindani suggested using charities in Pakistan to bin Laden as a front for terrorists. [Wall Street Journal, 4/2/2004]  In the Yemen Post, Zindani largely denies all of the accusations made against him, adding “America has proved to the world that it is the most oppressive nation in history. It is the country which killed two million and displaced five million in Iraq by a lie it spread to the world. In all its accusations to its enemies it fabricates  lies and depends on its arrogance of power”. []

Only a terminal case of Political Correctness can explain why nobody (well, nobody can't immediately be labeled a right wing kook) from President Obama down can utter the obvious. When I heard the name of the Virginia Tech shooter, I instantly knew he was a Korean whose parents worked too many hours in a dry cleaning store who were dissapointed he didn't get into Princeton. NASA could have recognized and announced  in a minute that the "foam strike" people were right after all about the Space Shuttle. Nobody wants to even speculate about who might sexually assaulted and stabbed Robert Eric Wone in DC in a house full of plenty of dots nobody wanted to connect. Yes, our initial hunches can be wrong, but it doesn't mean they are wrong. We have a complete picture linking Hasan to known al Qeda terrorists who all but publish a memo addressed to Hasan and identify al Queda on their business cards and send a declaration of war to Obama. On the cartoon "Invader Zim", an thinly disguised alien invader who everybody likes except when he continually rants about wanting to destroy the planet is harassed by a troublesome boy who is the only person crazy enough to realize Zim's true identity. That explains everything about how the US authorities dropped the ball with the Fort Hood shootings.




BlArthurHu said...

Well folks, it looks like I was the ONLY one that drew a direct line from Hasan to Awlaki to Zindani who now denies he had any control over Awlaki. If he's lying, as usual, that pretty much proves he DID have control over both Fort Hood and the undybomber or at least a heads up, since we already assume he knew about the Cole attack, and Zindani and friends have taken the same pro-Al Qaeda line that US troops would be a foreign occupier that requires global jihad a a response. It's obvious which side Zindani is on even if he didn't brag about Nidal being a hero right after the attack.

BlArthurHu said...

This needs aother update. Jewish Defence says that Duane Reasoner was favorite-ing Awlaki's videos and asking RevolutionMuslim about martyrdom operations the same day Hasan went gun shopping. RevolutionMuslim was the only other website besides Awlaki's that proclaimed Hasan to be a Hero. Speculation says that this needs to be investigated. Reasoner has since lost his job as substitute teacher and has disappeared from sight even though the FBI evidently STILL isn't going to talk to him, and the army base still will let him on the base, and he's probably not on any no-fly list. If Reasoner assisted in any way (and AWlaki assisted by approving the killing of US soldiers, he could have stopped it by saying it was a bad idea) and revolutionmuslim assisted in any way then it would be a conspiracy. The "third man" in Hasan's dinner group still has not been identified.