Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HP to close Cupertino campus, consolidate to Palo Alto

When I was at the HP cupertino site at Data Terminals DTD as a Co-op intern from MIT from 1978-1980  they joked about the ridiculous plant they were putting up in Boise to make printers.

Well, they're still doing printers at Boise, but I can't think of anything that was in Cupertino that's still in business - terminals, technical and business minicomputers. I was wondering if that site was even still operating. Spoke too soon. The Boise site is also reducing its footprint as buildings are being emptied.

HP to close Cupertino campus
By Brandon Bailey
Posted: 07/15/2010 07:59:52 PM PDT

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard said Thursday that it plans to close its longtime campus in Cupertino, while transferring several thousand workers to its Palo Alto headquarters over the next two years.

The announcement is a blow to the city of Cupertino, said Mayor Kris Wang, who added that the city gets tax revenue from HP's operations in her city.

The 100-acre campus has been home to some of HP's personal computer division as well as some of HP's commercial software and hardware units. It's also the site of a high-tech "customer briefing center," where HP holds meetings and shows off some of its wares to corporate clients.

"Closing the Cupertino site is a big change, and we recognize that the transition will touch all Bay Area employees in some way," said Pete Bocian, HP's chief administrative officer, in a memo sent to employees Thursday.

By consolidating operations in Palo Alto, he added, HP "will create a more productive, flexible, ecological and highly energized work environment."
...In a brief statement Thursday night, HP said the move is part of a broader strategy "to improve efficiency across the company. This effort allows HP to better use space, continue to reduce our carbon footprint and provide employees with a more collaborative work environment."