Friday, July 09, 2010

Short Review Eagle Christian Church (Boise, Idaho)

Google didn't have a review, so here's a quick one I dashed off. They let me play with the AV duties pretty quickly, may take a while to integrate into the music group. Smallish friendly Boise suburb megachurch

Working out here from Seattle where they have large churches like Overlake, but this one you can actually walk the entire parking lot, though they have a shuttle cart. Contemporary christian services, their main pastor was the one who opened for Sara Palin when she was in Boise. Very polished good contemporary Christian worship/music, Scott Riggans leads, they also have a youth band and services, lots of rooms and classes for kids, serves the affluent Eagle community and other communities (I drive out from Caldwell) about 5000 membership (or 2500?) Big but not huge nearly new facility with two big screens and baptism pool behind stage/altar, a/v crew has radios to talk to director. When I filled in my card, they drove to my house and dropped off a wrapped mug, very nice. This was the first church like this I have driven by and I haven't noticed any similar ones since.

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