Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harvard adds yet another female president - Half of Ivy League are already women

"But many women expressed
fear that all the references to half of the Ivy League being
led by women would convey a false impression that gender
equity in higher education had been "solved," while they
consider that decidedly not to be the case."

Yes sounds like to me they've hired a president primarily as a woman feminist - columnists are still citing Sommer's statement that women have different goals than men without considering whether or not he might have made a correct statement.

What Harvard's Choice Means

The night before Drew Gilpin Faust was formally named president of
Harvard University, women involved in efforts to promote female
leaders in academe happened to be gathering in Washington for
workshops and networking sessions held in conjunction with the
annual meeting of the American Council on Education. During a
fund-raising pitch at a dinner, women were reminded that the
programs they support might just help someone who could become
"the next president of Harvard."
-- end of excerpt --

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