Sunday, February 25, 2007

Veoh review by Arnold Hur

Just caught Veoh in the Seattle Time business pages. Says they want to be a rival to Youtube with p2p movie sharing / stealing technology. Some conclusions after playing with it after a week and posting some of my YouTube and Google Video videos

* There's maybe 1/20 to 1/40 of the content. Search for any song and movie, and chances are it hasn't been posted yet

* Sometimes there's a pause in playing movies

* I think it's trying to show you more movies based on what you've seen.

* If you're POSTING movies, depending on the film, some get MORE on veoh. I can only explain this by the lack of competition for views because Youtube gets a lot more visitors. In general, hard to tell which ones do better on either, but generally numbers on one will be comparable to another, so it's definitely worth putting videos up FIRST on veoh, and then using pro to put up on other sites. Google Video only 3 months ago for my videos were about 1500 views for either site, but now GV is down to 150-250, while yt is up to 1500-2000 per day. I'm surprised Veoh is as strong for newly posted videos (even ones that have been up on YT for a while) as Youtube.

Jesus the River of Love, an audio with static slide got 25 hits first day on Veoh but only a handful on YouTube: This is effectively a world premiere of an average quality worship performance from 2004. I need to track down Brandy's definitive version which was made on a self-published church CD.

Online Videos by

Most popular is I enjoy being a girl which was getting 90 / day on Youtube, got 71 on first day on Veoh:

Online Videos by

I'll need more time to post which specific videos did well.

* Some of the pirated movies available look as good or better than DVD on a laptop when downloaded, and they are full length (or maybe they are TV shows). This, and the ability to download even poor quality video is much better than YouTube.

* Some nice extended length TV shows if not movies , the Madagascar movie I spotted was taken down, but clips and TV shows seem to stay up.

* Gawd there's a bunch of stupid Japanese music TV shows up there.

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