Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Rock Shooter Had Just Been Deported from Yemen, says he is Al Queda Jihadist

New York times In a letter to the judge presiding over his case, the accused killer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, calls himself a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and calls the shooting “a Jihadi Attack” in retribution for the killing of Muslims by American troops. “I wasn’t insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this Act,” Mr. Muhammad said in a two-page, hand-printed note in pencil. The attack, which he said did not go as planned, was “justified according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religion. Jihad — to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.” [Hassan reportedly condoned the Little Rock attack to his colleages in Maryland. Yet the FBI, Army and Obama still insist there were no terror links at Fort Hood, and are investigating the people who raised the red flags, not the people who kept Hassan in the Army in the name of diversity]

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