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19 year old Dogan Furkan hit in the head by 5 bullets on Gaza Flo

19 year old Dogan Furkan hit in the head by 5 bullets on Gaza Flotilla
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Note comment that the boy deserves to go to heaven for giving his devotion to God at such a young age, and use of the term "martyr". Nobody is asking what this kid was doing participating in the front lines on a water-borne infitada where the kids are trying to get to heaven by being shot by IDF troops.
Others are asking why these Turks are fighting for Arabs when Turks are not Arabs.

Forensic Medicine, in a preliminary report of nine people shot and killed with firearms said.

One of the 8 patients who died also in Turkey as a U.S. citizen of Turkish origin, was announced.

10:57 | June 3, 2010

Top 5 of the 19-year-old shot squeezed Furkan

IsraelOf Gaza'To take the help of the ship who died in the attack on the funeral of nine people from the Forensic Medicine Institute alındı.Uçakla last night Turkey'Brought to the funeral from the Forensic Medicine Institute, Gasilhane'ye was taken.

IHH Humanitarian Aid Foundation Kayseri Rain officer Omar, said in a statement to reporters, the 19-year-old among victims of Furkan Dogan, is a graduate of City High School, the Doğan belirtti.Amerikan passport holders, Turkish citizen The rain is transferred, Dogan's head was found in the fifth bullet, bullets to the head; 4, said that 1 hit in the chest.

Rain, to Dogan was shot at close range and above, as recorded in the evening 18:30 at the funeral said that will be sent to Kayseri.

KAYSERİ be buried in

Israel has made to the Blue Marmara ships armed raid which killed nine people, one of the U.S. Furkan Doğan 19-year-old high school student with a passport, tomorrow will be made in Kayseri, be buried after a funeral prayer.Erciyes University faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department Assistant Ahmed Dogan's son, who F/12-B City High School senior special Hisarcıklıoğlu Furkan Dogan's IHH go to Gaza City through the Department joined the delegation respectively.

Faculty member's father Ahmet Dogan IstanbulA son, to meet the Go With the unfortunate young Israeli soldiers opened fire results obtained from the four, in the chest two bullets killed evident çıktı.Acı news heard With the, high school young people of Kayseri Melikgazi County Spring Street Sisli The house fell into the fire apartment. Ahmet Dogan and his father went to istanbul IHH Branch Vice President Omer Rain City, who died young after you wash Furkan Doğan's funeral ceremony for the gasilhanede Fatih Mosque'What took.

I had come to Istanbul RIGHT TO SEE SON

Branch Vice President Omer İHH rain "We are very sorry. Furkan's U.S. passport for the deceased's name was not among the Turks. When it comes to funerals at the last moment the country, appeared to lose his life, "he said. Ahmet Doğan, father, "My son was killed in Istanbul learn that. The right to see him, I came to Istanbul to meet last night, "he could.

Meanwhile, Furkan Dogan's house in Spring Street and a large Turkish Palestine Flag of the original, while a senior at the private, Industry High School website, the photo issue by, beneath the 'Gaza went to the aid ship in the F12B class ögrencimiz Furkan Dogan, Israeli soldiers on board had done in the attack and become martyr. All family, friends and staff of Educational Institutions in the Atlantic would like to wish our condolences and patience, "said.

BORN in the United States had

Furkan Dogan because of his father who was a faculty member's AmericaBorn in and remain in this country for up to two years in U.S. passports that were reported.

DEDE: My grandson was killed

As one of three children born to parents who laments the burning of the house while Furkan, grandfather, Mustafa Dogan, "We are living in sorrow and happiness together. After all, my granddaughter was a martyr. very calm, master, was one of patience and calm. Died from a side that upset the one hand, the holy martyrs for a cause to be proud of, "he said.

Oguz unfortunate high school student in the school vice principal in tears Şuayip "Furkan's death has surprised us all. Life is full ögrencimizdi "he said. Martyrs of students house Turkish flag fact, while the school friends of the house assembled in front, and tear döktüler.Öte hand, high school student's funeral in Istanbul, pray and ceremony, then by plane today in the evening hours from Kayseri to be imposed. Furkan Doğan's funeral will be made tomorrow afternoon prayers in the mosque after Hunat on the city to be buried in the cemetery.

 CONDITION VERY HEAVY WITH ISRAEL two wounded was left in

In Turkey, "a fleet of Gaza" as a protest against the bloody operation, and yesterday the release of hundreds of recall "activists" who arrived in Istanbul after the return Tel Aviv Ambassador Oguz Celikkol, Ankara'Has come to. Ambassador "to the instructions, the consultations back to the" nude said.

Oguz Celikkol, Esenboga Airport journalists' questions on the evacuation operation is complete waiting for ever to Turkey dönmeğini stated, "tamalandıktan the instructions necessary consultations returned for that" kaydetti.Kayıt three people have claimed to "now going to say something if I'm not," said Celikkol, "Today, our 490 people and wounded 19, and was sent to nine funerals. Of course, these descriptions should probably present the necessary investigations to be made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" was in the form.

Celikkol, two wounded, the situation very serious and that the Turkish delegation in the doctors' approval to Turkey not too söyledi.İsrail made in all discussions of the main points of the prisoners and injured citizens and funerals to Turkey to bring that expressed the Ambassador of the operation or a long procedure noted after completion.


Forensic Medicine experts, leading to Israel's aid to Gaza in an attack on the ship died and nine people were shot with firearms traces of lead in their bodies as reported.

The AA correspondent, Institute of Forensic Medicine in Yenibosna According to information received from experts, nine firearms with the help of volunteers was shot and traces of lead were found in the body. Life has lost one of the volunteers was shot at close range, respectively.

Experts, some of the funeral because of lack of clothing on the final results will emerge after examination of the ballistics, the emergence of this report will take about a month of their record.

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