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Awlaki American Terrorist - Working for the FBI?? Fox News Notes

Was Anwar Awlaki yet another FBI informant? Did we let him go because he was working for us?
A number of muslim actors in the 9/11 story were FBI informants, including Abdussattar Shaikh who put up two hijackers in his house that the CIA were looking for, but didn't report, and Sam Koutchesfahani who ran a racket allowing mideastern men into phony universities, and had connections to Shaikh.
Daniel Hopsicker speculates that Mohamed Atta was part of some CIA covert drugs for arms operation working for us, and it is a fact that the original Al Queda people were funded and trained by the US to wage Jihad against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and also in the Bosnia wars.
It's really really odd that time after time, one arm of the government is trying to smoke out and nail Awlaki while consistently another arm of the government determines we have to let him go (today he still isn't charged with or put on any terrorist list, the FBI and DOD both concluded he had nothing to do with his "student"'s Fort Hood rampage, yet Obama has approved his death warrant)
  • Colorado recscinds warrant for Awlaki arrest
  • FBI writes a memo, day later the judge acts on it and Awlaki is on a plane back to the us
  • He is detained by customs who calls up the FBI guy on the Timimi case and says to let Awlaki go
  • Awlaki is driven by one of the people testifying against timimi to his house, Awlaki asks for advice on recruiting jihadists, but is sent out because Timimi doesn't know who he is.
  • Fox speculates it looks like Awkaki is "flipped" or working for the FBI to try to nail timimmi. An expert concurs it is certainly possible
  • The memo written about Awlaki that might tell why it looks like the US is "flipping him" is referenced by the 9/11 report but the FBI today can't find it.
There is no transcript, but here is the announcement for the show, and after that uploads of the show:

Fox News Reporting: The American Terrorist

Friday, May 28, 2010 class=byline

Sunday, May 30 at 3 p.m. ET
Hosted by Bill Hemmer

This Fox News investigative special goes deep inside the mysterious and deadly world of American born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki.

Fox News correspondents Catherine Herridge and Greg Palkot follow Awlaki's twisted and destructive trail from suburban communities in the U.S. to his hideout in Yemen.

New evidence emerging in the details about the Times Square bomber, the failed attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas Day and the massacre at Fort Hood has put for the first time a U.S. citizen on the CIA's "capture or kill" list.

Evidence includes documents that relate to the investigation of Anwar Al-Awlaki, the Muslim cleric who has been associated with 9/11 hijackers, Major Nidal Hasan, the alleged-Fort Hood shooter, and Umar Abdulmutallab, the so-called Christmas Day bomber.

They include declassified memoranda for the record from the 9/11 Commission, the warrant for Awlaki's arrest from June 2002 as well as the motion to dismiss the warrant from October 2002.

Also included is the Justice Department's statement to Fox News regarding our inquiry into the decision to rescind Awlaki's arrest warrant.

Exclusive interviews with former and current government agents raise several questions: Was Awlaki part of a terrorist cell within this country that attacked America on 9/11? And following the attacks, was there an attempt by our government to turn Awlaki into an informant or track him for intelligence?

Following last week's original airing of "Fox News Reporting: The American Terrorist," Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., wrote a letter to FBI direct Robert Mueller where he raised "troubling" issues about the handling of the investigation into terror suspect Anwar Awlaki and called to bring back the 9/11 Commission to review purported flaws in national security. Click here to read the letter.

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You will see for yourself how this American terrorist is using our system against us.
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FBI nails Awlaki on Passport fraud, puts him for arrest on immigration list, then warrant is rescinded!
Fournier uncovers more:
I look at all the records that we have in the state department
In 1990 he is issued a J-1 exchange visitor visa at American embassy Yemen
U.S. citizens do not apply for non-immigrant visas
That is a fraud that nets him 20,000 dollars for a scholarship for college 
Fourneir then examines his 1993 application for a us passport
Awlaki files it in Colorado
he gave his true and accurate birth certificate from New Mexico
from a surface cursory look there is nothing wrong with this application
but the agent keeps digging

remember the social security number awlaki obtained just one day after arriving in colorado in 1990?

To get it, he claims he is born in Yemen, not New Mexico.

The social security number was derived by false statements

Paul Sperry Author "Infiltration" If he committed fraud there, then it transfers under the law to the passport application

So you're looking at this paperwork and you're saying "I think I've got him"


There was no doubt that we had him

And when you went to your supervisor at the JTTF, what was their reaction?



Ray Fournier Former Agent JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) San Deigo
They were ecstatic. There was jubilation that a valid felony charge would apply to Anwar Awlaki

That's where in June of 2002 then they issued a warrant for his arrest

Issued by the attorney's office in Denver , the warrant states that AWlaki knowingly and unlawfully made a false statement in an application for a passport.

With Awlaki still out of the country, the FBI asked former customs agent David Kane  for help.

Was requested to assist their investigation in putting a record in our computer database for Awlaki

what can you tell us about that record system, the database I think you were referring to  a text system . Text serves a number of different purposes. In this case it was a subject record that was put in for Awlaki.

The FBI had asked us to put the record in simply because they had a warrant for his arrest . The just wanted to make sure that upon arrival in the United States they would be notified and he would be arrested

the clock was ticking

but in early october 2002, Fournier is astonished to learn that the US attorney's office in Colorado plans to pull the warrant on Awlaki.

About the 6th of October is when I flew to Denver. Fournier and another agent meet with reps fro mthe Us attorney's office, which includes then assistant attorney Gouette. There were problems keeping this warrant active. This warrant should be rescinded. 

The US attorney didn't want to talk to us on camera but the justice department did provide us with a lengthy statement. The bottom line is that they felt there was not enough evidence to prosecute the case because the social security administration would only testify that awlaki would quote corrected his place of birth . This fact eliminated the crucial piece of evidence required to obtain his conviction.

I certainly argued vigorously this warrant needed to be maintained until Mr. Awlaki returns to the United States

It was clear that Mr Gouette and the US attorney's office in Colorado were unwilling to listen to the arguments that were being brought forth .

So when you left that meeting , how did you feel

4:43 Deflated. I made well over 300 felony arrests for passport fraud in my career. I have never had a case when the warrant was rescinded.  In over 18 years, you never had a warrant rescinded?






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