Monday, June 28, 2010

Caldwell Nampa (Boise) Weekend Tour

What I did Saturday taking pictures on my HTC Touch Pro 2

Caldwell YMCA.
  • Stepping cardio machine has cable TV with channel controls
  • It's got a giant waterpark / pool but lap pool had a competition going

Caldwell Darigold Plant

Tanker line

Caldwell Scrap Yard

"Caldwell Apocalypse" with abandoned tower in back. Filming next Terminator movie here.

Caldwell St Louis Arch (WTH?)

This looks suspiciously like the St Loius Arch. I'd understand why Seattle has various fake Space Needles and even a fake Statue of liberty, but stainless steel arch??

Caldwell Post Office
  • if you're looking for stamps, this place doesn't even have an automated postage kiosk machine! Go to Nampa.
Indian Creek Restoration

  • Beautiful job, I wonder how much it cost and how many businesses they had to displace to put this in. Housemate says that the replaced car streets with footbridges that reduced traffic to her mom's shop that's closed up now.I doubt more than 2% of people in Boise know this is here.

Leo Holmes House
  • This guy is a veteran and has done a heroic job of promoting remembering Idaho vets. Met GW Bush at a Medal of Honor ceremony. Don't even get him started on Obama.

Nampa Post Office

Nampa Rollerdrome

Nampa Flying M Coffee Garage

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