Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Taurus is the new 500? Kill Fusion and bring back Torino too.

Yes, somebody else who thinks Fusion is a stupid name. Bring back the Torino, Starsky and Hutch would approve. That would match Malibu and Charger, and NASCAR where the Torino was such a terror it gave birth to the Daytona and Superbird. If they had done it in 2006, it would also have matched the winter Olympics.

The Taurus was essentially a full-size car, but if they give the name to the 500, bring back the original grill-less taurus nose!

And stick a V8 in the thing for pete's sake, the SHO had one. GM and Chrysler both offer V8s and the Avalon has has many horses anyways.

Ford should also replace the crown vic with those australian cars - they still have falcons, fairmonts, and LTDs and they look AWESOME.

Import the new MPV as a Lincoln to replace the montery.

Whoever decided to redo the old Focus should be shot. You don't become a leader by saving money, you build the best cars. Everybody LOVES the Mazda 3, and the Mazda 6 worked wonders for the Fusion. Junk the Focus and re-badge the Mazda 3 as a Mercury Tracer.

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