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Eagles Wings Chords Lyrics Michael Joncas

Eagles Wings

Either the best or the worst Catholic song ever depending on whether you think it's way too popular. 

On Eagles' Wings is a devotional song composed by Michael Joncas, a Catholic minister, in 1979. Its words are loosely based on Psalm 91 and Isaiah 40:31. It quickly proved to be quite popular as a contemplative song at Catholic Masses as well as at Protestant services; it is now sung in churches of many denominations including Pentecostal churches and was performed at many of the funerals of victims of September 11. It is often performed either at the beginning or the ending of a Roman Catholic Funeral Mass
Intro “And Hold You...” A   Bm       A      G     A       Dsus
optional capo 3

D                       Dsus
He will raise you up on eagle’s wings
Em             Bm         G
bear you on the breath of dawn
Dsus        Dsus/C#        G
make you to shine like the sun
A   Bm       A      G     A
and hold you in the palm
of His hands

Verse 1
G                    Dsus/F#
you who dwell in the shelter of the Lord
G                           Dsus/F#
who abide in his shadow for life
F                   Dm
say to the Lord, my refuge
F                 A
my rock in whom I trust

Verse 2

G                     Dsus/F#
you need not fear the terror of the night

G                           Dsus/F#
nor the arrow that flies by day

F                      Dm
though thousands fall about you

F                     A
near you it shall not come

Verse 3

G                            Dsus/F#
the snare of the fowler will never capture you

G                            Dsus/F#
and famine will bring you no fear

F                     Dm
under His wings your refuge

F                      A
His faithfulness your shield

chords tweaked by Arthur Fiddler 2012

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