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Up the Yangtze Without A Paddle / Good Earth 2007

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This movie might be called Up the Yangzte without a paddle, or The Good Earth 2007.

Father leads a poor family that squats near the river in a handbuilt shack. He no longer has steady work since the coming of the massive 3 gorges dam that will soon flood his modest home and farm. At least his family has good food from his little field. Daughter can't go on to college because they have no money, so she will work on the cruise boats that go up and down the river with foreign tourists. At first, she struggles and cries, but her supervisors assures her it will get better. Management says that they must train this generation, mostly single children to serve other people. One boy from a rich family finds he can get massive tips from tourists, but his workmates shun him as arrogant, and at the end he is sacked because he does not care enough about his customers or co-workers who say he carries himself like a movie star, not someone who show up to work. Finally the river reaches the house, and father has to move massive pieces of furniture up the riverbank to the ramp by himself with no help, and they push their belongings to new assigned housing, but he despairs he now has to pay for water and food. Tourists are shown how well the relocated families are doing, they have TV and air conditioning, but a shopkeeper breaks down in tears explaining how he was beaten because he did not have enough money to bribe officials that forced him to move away, and father finally gets a tour of the massive dam that has so affected his life, perhaps the best for china, but he can't see how it is doing his family any favors.
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