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Frank Marshall Davis: Soviet Russia's Communist Revolutionary in Hawaii (Hawai'i Free Press)

Barack Obama Reading List:

By Andrew Walden :: 10785 Views

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Barack Obama Reading List:
By Andrew Walden :: 10785 Views
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From the Frank Marshall Davis FBI files p. 15, this is the same "Frank" mentioned in "Dream from My Father" as the author's mentor

Davis never admitted openly that he was member of the communist party, but he told FBI informants that he was a member, and the FBI tagged him as a member of the party in Chicago from 1945 to 1948 before he moved to Hawaii. 

SAC, Honolulu August 15, 1962

Frank marshallDavis Security Matter

Reurlet 7-30-62. 

Subject is a  male, 56 year of age, who has been employed most of  this life as a reporter.
He was a Communist Party (CP) member in Chicago from 1945 until 1948 when he moved to Hawaii. He was very active in the Party there until Party activity as such ceased in 1952. He was active in front groups in a leadership capacity until such front groups became inactive in 1956. when questioned before the Senate Internal Security Subcommitee  in 1956, Davis took the fifth amendment

He wrote a column which constantly followed the CP line  in the now defunct "Honolulu Record" until 1957. 

In 1958 he frequented the premises of this newspaper. He contributed to "The Worker" prior to 1956. 

He was listed as a sponsor for the 27th National Conference of the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born in December, 1960.

In 1957 he championed the policies of Soviet Russia

His name is being retained on the Security Index at this time. 

Note on yellow: Relet recommended deletion from the SI.

The security index meant that Davis would have been arrested if war ever broke out with the Soviet Union. 

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