Friday, June 15, 2012

Cheap $3,400 Subaru Outback - 1999 Legacy Outback Beater Runs Great

Blogging cheap used cars I find, this one you can contact me at (no x) 425-8x9x1-2x6x1x9 and I'll tell you how to get in touch with the seller, otherwise I'm putting this one up for comparison so you can see if the one you are looking at is better or worse than this

From Craigslist in Minnesota: 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited, Automatic Transmission, 2.5L Engine, 195k miles, AWD, Loaded with sunroof, moonroof, heated leather seats, cd player. Recently replaced timing belt. (also front axle joint boots, new battery, he says he mostly drove it Rochester - Minneapolis)

My driving impressions - still drives very well. My 2001 legacy L isn't very responsive, but this one has a pretty good kick to it still when you push down on the pedal, though it has the same 2.5 boxer 4 engine in it. It's a bit beat up to be an everyday driver for a grownup, but it's a screamer with a lot of cool equipment for a $3,400 beater, and could be spiffed up with some repaint and touchup. Doesn't seem to suffer from head gasket failure or radiator leak that some cars have an issue with, otherwise these can keep on running.

Upgraded cassette CD stereo. Unfortunately, these have the automatic antennas that retract when radio is off, and when they don't retract, the car wash breaks them. Leather shifter.

Instrument cluster with miles

Power window and locks on door, tweeter on pillar, power mirror below vent, all work. Fake wood

Front shot, this has been repainted, and 2nd paint job is flaking off, a bit of rust on hood lip (MN cars rust I hear)

nose bumper paint flaking and rust on hood lip. Hood scoop is not functional.

From fight side. Looks great from distance. 

Rear quarter
Cargo roll-up shade still good. 40/60 split seat. Next generation has center headrest

 Leather seats show light wear signs, a patch gone from driver

Dual sunroof, front one pops up in back, 2nd slides out

Door is munched a bit on top, but hey it's cheap. 

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