Tuesday, June 12, 2012

German Press Reports Blame Rebels for Syria Houla Massacre

The Houla Syria massacre sounds a lot like the Sgt Bales case in which a massacre is used by one side to blame a government, but it is so brutal, even burning bodies that  it looks like the work of terrorists, not a government. 

Lignet: Syria: Regime Escalates Crackdown Amid a Serious Charge Against the Rebels 
Despite the Syrian regime’s use of new “horrific” tactics, reportedly including helicopter gunships and children as “human shields” to defend against rebel attacks, the international community continues to bicker on how to respond. While Syrian rebels appear to be stepping up their attacks on government forces, they remain divided and their international support could be undermined by a German press report accusing the rebels of responsibility for the Houla massacre. 
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Is Veteran's Today Telling The Truth For Once? 

Veteran's Today reveals its pro-Iranian bias in backing the Syrian government (which makes one wonder if Iran and Syria could be backing Veterans Today, since Gordon Duff is now bragging he is the official choice of American commentator for Iran's Press TV?) While they are usually promoting crazy anti-Israel anti-US propoganda and unfounded conspiracy theories about false-flag attacks, I suspect they were telling the truth when they refer to reports that the Houla massacre targeted pro-government victims as was part of an effort to get the Syrian government. In the Bales case, VT accused the US of

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/06/03/russian-journalist-exposes-propaganda-lies-houla-massacre/ Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre

Going to war depends first on selling it. Gaining public support is vital. Previous articles discussed it. Walter Lippmann coined the phrase “manufacture of consent.”  Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky discussed the “propaganda model” in their book titled “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.”

On June 11, Global Research published Russian journalist Marat Musin‘s firsthand observations of what really happened at Houla. He exposed media scoundrel misinformation and lies. Doing so provided a vital service.  Western-enlisted death squads bear full responsibility. Government forces and/or so-called pro-Assad shabbiha had no involvement.
Scoundrel media and Western officials provided fabricated accounts of what went on. It was classic, duplicitous propaganda. It rages to enlist public support for war.  Musin’s article is powerful reading. Circulating it widely is important. Only public rage can stop wars. Nothing else works. Knowing the truth and spreading it has impact. Imperial America and war profiteers fear that most.  It’s time ordinary people got radicalized for their own well-being. Focus first on ending imperial wars. Imagine what’s possible at peace. Imagine public needs prioritized over conquests and domination. If that’s not worth fighting for, what is?
Below is a snapshot of what Musin wrote. Read his article for the full account.
On May 25, Houla was attacked by hundreds of “bandits and mercenaries.”  Ar-Rastan-based and Free Syrian Army terrorists were responsible.  Civilians abandoned the town of Ar-Rastan. Lebanese Wahhabi/Salafist extremists dominate the area. With foreign money and weapons, they carry out terrorist attacks.  When killer gangs entered “the lower checkpoint in the center of” Houla, they attacked pro-government residents. “Many of those killed were ‘guilty’ of….dar(ing) to change from Sunnis to Shiites.” They were murdered in cold blood “with knives (or) shot at point blank range.”

Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria

By Dr. Ismail Salami   Syria is bracing for more political chaos as all antagonistic forces appear to have entered into an unholy alliance to bring the government to its knees by ingeniously choreographing massacres and attributing them to Syrian government, thereby turning the country into fertile soil for US-led invasion. Deadly clashes broke out [...]
Syrian authorities on Sunday denied having a hand in the carnage.
“Women, children and old men were shot dead. This is not the hallmark of the heroic Syrian army,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdesi told reporters in Damascus.
Makdesi said the massacre was carried out by “terrorists” after fighting between rebels and forces loyal to al-Assad.
“They (rebels) were equipped with mortars and anti-tank missiles, which is a quantitative leap,” he said.
Violence is spiraling drastically despite the presence of 260 UN observers who are currently monitoring the ceasefire as part of a six-point peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan in March.
Earlier this month, 55 people were killed and about 400 others injured in two strings of terrorist bombings near a military intelligence building in Damascus.
What deserves due attention in the carnage that happened in Houla is that many were shot dead at close range, many were Shia Muslims and many were women and children. In other words, these atrocities are conjectured to have been carried out at the hands of the extremist Wahhabis and al-Qaeda elements who are notorious for targeting women and children in their terrorist operations.

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