Monday, June 18, 2012

Flops of Flight: Lockheed XV-4A V/STOL Hummingbird Foreshadows F-35B

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this tie tack: I grew up reading Aviation Week in the 60s so I actually remember what kind of a plane this is!

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This was a mid-60s Army project for a vertical takeoff/landing jet. Idea was to augment jet thrust by sending exhaust through ejection chamber in center of airplane but it didn't generate much extra thrust. It crashed, then the Air Force modified it into the XV-4B Hummingbird II which used pure lift engines instead, and that crashed too.

Later the Lockheed F-35 JSF using a shaft-driven fan looks like it will be a winner in generating more thrust than just the jet.  The Ryan XV-5 was somewhat similar but use fans in the wings with half-garbage can lid covers. It crashed too trying to demonstrate it could lift a dummy with a rescue winch -- that got sucked into the fans.


1968 USAF

1965 Ryan XV-5

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