Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rochester Windy Thunderstorm: Tree Falls Into Street

Rochester, Minnesota Big Storm 6/14/2012

This bright sunny morning as I drove out, the lady whose house we rented wondered it she should get the big tree looked at because it was making creaking noises. It had been hit by lightning the previous year, and half of the tree went all the way over the street.

Well it was windy all day and they said  there would be a storm warning. We were out looking at houses at about 7:30 when all of a sudden the sky turned from looking like a big dark gray wall into a hurricane. You couldn't see down the block, and the the rain was falling against the window like a car going 50 into a rainstorm. Trash cans and basketball backboards were all over the place. We took refuge and were told to stay in the basement in case a tornado went through.  After it died down a bit we drove home, and the big tree had split, with the half over street fallen convenient away from the parked car. Now you could see the blackened part where the lightning had hit. A police Tahoe soon drove by and reported it, and said that the city parks would take care of it but said that it would be placed in a long list, but since there were other ways in and out of the street, it might not get cleaned up right away.

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Tree Service Charlotte said...

Not as bad as I saw on someone else's blog. A tree had laid flat inside of someone's home after a storm, completely destroyed the roof.

-Tony Salmeron