Friday, February 10, 2012

JetBlue Airways 2 round trip ticket offer / scam?

  • Leave comments if anybody actually called this number and got free tickets, curious what the sales pitch and catch are. 

    1 h 6 min ago
    Received a mailing stating 2 free round trip JetBlue tickets if I call this number. Only company name listed is "awards department" . Says it is not a timeshare or land sale offer. Says only good for 7 days from postmark (presorted mail with no postmark). I did not call as research online says this is for a travel agency or club and you have to go to a 60 sales pitch. We live in Seattle.
    Caller: Awards Department

    • arthurh replies to Michelle A.
      4 Feb 2012
      got the same card, looked up internet, seems to be some sort of scam similar to other ones, but have not tried calling number. Not likely a true free airline ticket I would suspect. found  this by searching on phone number.

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  • ssouncs like this one: 

  • Fred Flintstone
    13 Jan 2012
    AWARD NOTIFICATION from Delta Airlines, supposedly an "URGENT" message having no postmark date having been through a bulk-mailing meter and claiming the "prise" needed to be claimed no later than 7 days after the "postmark" - which there is NONE.  It's on Form:  645--HH, Claim Number 3914, and it's my "Final Notice" - from their Award Department Division, from the Awards Department.  Issued No: 0412, for 2 Round-Trip Airline Tickets, and asking me to call 1-877-209-4922.

    I love the letter which also states that: "This voucher must be certified to be valid."  Oh, BTW, this letter says:  "This will be your last chance to respond."  Even though I've never heard from them before.  "OH MY!!!  I GUESS I MUST RESPOND RIGHT AWAY OR LOST MY CHANCE FOR MY TICKETS!!!!!"  LOL!!!  Hahahaha!!  BTW, it also says:  "Note: This is not a timeshare or land sales offer."  and signed,

    Awards Department

    And the tickets are worth "UP TO $999 TODAY!!!"


    What a bunch of MAROONS!!  Try Googling for "645--HH" and see what you come up with, since this 877 phone number doesn't come up (yet).


Anonymous said...

Just got mine too!! Same thing, last chance but I to have never been contacted before. Evedently there was a big Delta scam going on like this a year ot two ago. Wish there was a real way to put all these scammers out of buisness once and for all. Most of us do not fall for these but it only takes a few to fall to keep them going.

Anonymous said...

Got mine yesterday for Jet Blue... thought I would call just to see what is was about...
They told me if I made an appointment right then I would also get a free hotel! upposed to go on Sunday ,but after reading about it I won't be going... I am sure that I will be hearing from them soon!

Anonymous said...

received exactly the same letter, for JetBlue Airways as stated for Delta airlines above, even with the same "form number 645--HH. TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT CALL.

Anonymous said...

Just received one for airtran. pretty much says the same things as the previous posts.