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Josh Powell's Knockout Breakfast : Demons and Saints

Demons and Saints: Murder of Josh and Susan Powell Family

It's Sunday December 6, 2009. While Susan Cox Powell, 28, and her two sons Charlie and Braden attend church services at the Hunter 36th LDS Ward, her husband is unusually dutiful today. Josh is starting to cook a pancake and egg breakfast brunch that will take 4 hours to prepare. After church, Susn and her best friend Kiirsi Hellewell walked home. Joshua was raised, and married Susan in the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints ("the Mormons"), but hasn't attended for quite some time.

Neighbor JoVonna Owings visits the home in the afternoon. She knew Susan from church, and shared a passion for crocheting. Today she would help Susan untangle yarn. She had been baby-sitting Saturdays for the Powells since Thanksgiving. She was also invited to stick around for breakfast as well. She would later notice “The only thing that I thought was a little unusual was that Josh took so long to prepare brunch" 

“Josh had already started cooking before we got there and didn’t have the meal ready until about 4 p.m. I just figured he didn’t have much experience in the kitchen. When we did eat it was a pleasant meal. He made us scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers and pancakes with cream cheese.”

"He served us individually. He served the food and gave each person their plates - Susan, Charlie, Braden, himself, and me. I thought he did that for portion-control," she said. Other observers speculated that this was so that only Susan would get the "special sauce" for the surprise road trip he had in mind that night. In 2012, Cox family lawyer Stephan Downing later theorized that Susan's husband fed her pancakes laced with drugs that would put her to sleep.

Jovanna Owings would be the the last person other than her family to see Susan that evening. It seemed to her a normal, if late dinner with pleasant conversation as they untangled yarn until the food was ready. But blogger John Kay noted the one thing that stuck out is that "Susan suddenly went to bed feeling sick, even before Jovanna had departed."  Owings later clarified “Not long after we ate Susan was tired and wanted to take a nap,” She said “One misconception I’d like to clear up is that Susan did not say she was sick and she did not appear sick. She was just tired and wanted to rest for a little while."

Jovanna recalled “Josh said he’d take the kids out sledding while she rested, and I left at the same time he and the boys left, between 5 and 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 6.” She offered to bring the yarn back after she got up in the evening, but Josh insisted that she wouldn't have the time to work on it that evening. (Indeed, that was true) After the sledding, the boys mostly likely were put to bed early while Josh attended to his other "chores" for the evening.  

JoVanna Owings told KSL-TV she had dinner with the Powells the afternoon of December 6th. She said Susan was wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and black pants. There was no mention of camping that afternoon, only about sledding. This is suspicious since a father who is planning to take his kids camping overnight would certainly talk about it in advance, particularly if it was on the same day ( monday Dec 14, 2009)

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