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Spilled Noodle Clash of Civilizations in China Subway

btw, this is how to do ramen noodles:

Chinese mainlanders spill some noodles and it turns into inter-Chinese warfare between high-class Hong Kong vs. slobs from the mainland. 


Mainland Scholar: Many Hongkonger are Dogs

This video is Peking University professor Kong Qingdong‘s commentary on “Verbal Wars on Train Hongkonger vs Mainlander” through Mainland China internet TV station TV.V1.
First of all, let’s review the MTR incident. Here’s the narrated news clip.

Raw videos of “Verbal Wars on Train Hongkonger vs Mainlander”: part 1 and part 2
According to the Oriental Daily,


Tension Boils Over Spilled Noodles in China: Adam Minter

By Adam Minter Jan 25, 2012 6:22 AM PT 13 Comments

Fifteen years after political reunification, a skirmish over spilled, instant noodles has shown how far the citizens of Hong Kong and mainland China have to go before they can unify socially.
Sometime last week, a mainland child, yet to be named, was traveling with her mother, also yet to be named, on a Hong Kong subway train. The child was eating dry noodles in the train car and spilled a few on the floor. Eating is prohibited in Hong Kong’s subway cars, and several Hong Kong locals, harboring a serious passion for subway protocol, scolded the little girl and her mother.
A video of the confrontation has gone viral in both Hong Kong and on the mainland, engendering the sort of bitter ethnic and class-based recriminations more commonly associated with rival nationalities than rival provinces

2// here's another article on the incident

Video: Hong Kong's Version Of "Subway Spaghetti" Fight

2012_01_mtrfight.jpgIn the wake of some optimistic NY lawmakers' proposed bill to ban food on subways, we thought we'd share the video that's been sparking tensions between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese visitors. While it's not as knockdown and drag-out as the infamous NYC subway spaghetti fight, it does get pretty tense—because Hong Kong's subway system, the MTR, prohibits food on its rather immaculate trains—and one Hong Kong rider gets upset at a Chinese girl who spilled some dry noodles on the train floor. The girl's mother says, it's not a big deal... and then all hell breaks loose.
At the start of the video, a Hong Kong man demands an apology from the girl and her mother but the tourists refuse, saying it is not a big deal. Others then join in on both sides.
One of the Hongkongers presses the emergency button and notifies platform staff. An MTR employee tells the tourists they can't eat inside the train and a mainland woman says sorry in English. A Hong Kong man then says sarcastically: "Oh, she knows English".
A mainland woman tries to explain the situation to the MTR staff member but is interrupted by the Hongkongers as the quarrel resumes. At the end of the video, a Hong Kong man says: "No need to speak to them. That's what mainlanders are like."
Oh, no, he didn't! As Bloomberg News's Adam Minter points out, "Hong Kongers grew up accustomed to thinking of mainland Chinese as poor country cousins. A city proud of its British heritage is now part of a country that many Hong Kongers still perceive as an authoritarian, provincial backwater. It’s a quantifiable phenomenon: According to a December 2011 poll conducted by the Public Opinion Program at the University of Hong Kong, only 16.6 percent of Hong Kongers identify first as Chinese citizens. Yet today, Hong Kongers depend on mainlanders for investments, tourism and political largesse."
An ultra-national university professor in Beijing said of the people of Hong Kong, "I know many Hong Kongers don’t think they are Chinese. They declare, 'We are Hong Kong, you are China.' Those kinds of people were British running dogs. Now they are dogs. They aren’t human," and if they can't take people from China, "Go ask for help from your British daddy."

  • I was expecting credits at the end with outtakes of Jackie Chan jumping through ladders.
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    • Oh NO! Noodles on the floor! Fuck 'em all...
    • Timon_8Collapse
      "A city proud of its British heritage is now part of a country that many
      Hong Kongers still perceive as an authoritarian, provincial backwater."

      PERCEIVE?  Oh, yes--who could possibly think of mainland China as authoritarian?
    • chi7072
      sad how similar situations have such different results.  please bring on the food ban.  i can't wait for all the fights that are going to happen!  i don't mind being delayed going home or to work if it involves a good fight.

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